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Entry DoorKansas City entry door, storm door, sliding door installation and more from Cornerstone Home Improvement. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Our beautiful premium entry door systems will always greet your guests with classic elegance and style. We take pride in offering ProVia entry door systems that will provide the durability, security and energy efficiency that your home demands. d with several different paint or stain options to choose from, our fiberglass and steel insulated doors come standard with a 20-gauge security plate, a U factor as low as .17, the most efficient corner seal available (for keeping moisture, air and dirt out of your home), Q-Lon weather-stripping, reinforced lock and deadbolt area, and much more ! Our 20-guage steel doors give you 49% more galvanized steel than a standard 24 gauge door and the hot-dipped galvanized/annealed steel has 433% more coating thickness than B-class electro-Galvanized steel.

Our four fiberglass door choices give you the option of a smooth finish or different wood species replications, all while providing a beautiful entry system that looks like richly stained wood. Made with the finest materials, all of our doors strength, security and energy efficient broadcast high quality and exceptional craftsmanship. So if you need a new entry door in Lenexa, Kansas or Blue Springs, MO., please call Cornerstone for all your options.

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sliding glass door100% Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal!

At Cornerstone Home Improvement, our focus is building customer relationships that will last for decades. We want everyone who does business with us to think of Cornerstone as the Premier Home Improvement Company, with service second to none!

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New Windows and Doors problems!

In the middle of March, we had new windows and doors put in. We have some issues that haven't been taken care of and I'm getting pretty upset! 1 screen has a 1 inch tear, there is a small gap (about 1") in the corner, he's fixed it once but there is still a gap. And, the amount of caulk around the outside of the new sliding glass doors (about 1" of caulk on both sides). There were 2 dust storms shortly after they put them in (2 days after and about 1 week after) that have now turned the caulk brown. Lastly, they were to retrim our existing door. We had the wood for the outside retrim, and they were also to do the inside

Vooralsnog alleen lichte schade door storm  — Nieuws.nl
Vooralsnog alleen lichte schade door storm. De storm die zaterdag over het land trekt heeft vooralsnog geen grote schade veroorzaakt. Brandweerwoordvoerders van verschillende korpsen hebben nog geen meldingen van grote incidenten binnengekregen.

Prime-Line Products Prime-Line Products T 8681 Storm Door Bottom Sweep, Gray Vinyl
Home Improvement (Prime-Line Products)
  • Constructed from gray vinyl
  • Used as a bottom seal on storm doors
  • Helps prevent air infiltration
  • Delta style

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