Insulated Steel Storm Doors

Quality Manufactured Steel Storm Doors with foam core.
Need to Purchase Replacement Stormdoor Parts?

Energy Savings
R6.3 insulation value of polyurethane foam energy core is over seven times the insulating value of a 1″ wood core!
• Five styles to choose from
• Seamless steel door skin
• Sash interlock system provides weatherproof draft barrier to keep out wind, heat and cold
• Polypropylene weather-strip seals frames and windows to resist drafts, dust and moisture
• Pressure-bonded, 1″ seamless insulating foam core
• Adjustable 2″ bottom expander with vinyl weather sweep

Colors and Sizes

SURVIVOR Storm Doors are available in standard sizes of 32″ x 80″ (fits opening of 31-3/4″ to 32-1/4″ x 80″ to 81- 1/4″) and 36″ x 80″ (fits opening of 35-3/4″ to 36-1/4″ x 80″ to 81-1/4″)

White, Green, Sandstone, and Cocoa Brown in EC510, EC560 & EC710. White, Green, Sandstone in EC810. White ONLY in EC610. Can be installed with the door handle on the left or right side .

• Five styles to choose from
• Seamless steel door skin
• Authentic embossed appearance
• Embossed crossbuck or two panel design
• Beautiful double-coated, scratch-resistant, polyester finish to prevent corrosion
• Matching hardware
• Four color selections

• Strength-of-seamless steel
• 28-gauge steel panels
• Heavy-duty, reinforced aluminum frame
• Four self-lubricating, bronze-bearing, shock stress hinges
• Heavy-duty, die-cast zinc hardware
• Closer with full 90° opening
• Tempered safety glass
• Marine-glazed, self-storing windows
• Rustproof, fiberglass, self-storing screen
• Will not delaminate or rust
• Injected polyurethane foam core provides superior strength and rigidity
• Seamless steel skins bonded to polyurethane prevents water penetration

The Survivor Storm Door has a full, nonprorated limited warranty for as long as the original homeowner/purchaser owns the home.

Note: all downloads are in PDF format. If you do not


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Mintcraft Mintcraft Lr-407s-db3l Stainless Steel Hooks & Eyes 2"
Home Improvement (Mintcraft)
  • Stainless steel
  • Lgth. in.=2
  • Sharp points bites into wood easily.
  • Can be used to latch gates or doors and to fasten screen or storm panel.

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  • Avatar rachel s How do you remove a dent from the door of a stainless steel fridge?
    May 23, 2006 by rachel s | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs
    • You will get many suggestions about something like this but this is what I do so,,,take your pick. Stainless stell like any steel is tough to work with. You need a rubber ball peen hammer and (create a bigger dent) than …ds untill it is smooth all round. Then,,,try the plunging thing or get on the back side and "ballpeen" it out. From the outsid perimiter to the inside. Don't try to use your imanination on this,,,,it won't work