Screen and storm doors- Pros and cons

Today the screen door can have a large range of style choices to fit almost any home.

They can be custom made to have a multitude of designs incorporated into them. We’ll take it that this owner loves trains.

We also have screens which are retractable and can’t really call doors but function when needed and can be hidden when there is no need to protect the occupants from insects.

But it really doesn’t matter what your choice or style is the function remains the same- to keep insects out.

Now storm doors can also be screen doors in the warmer months and with some of the newer models the glass panes will retract into the frame and the screen will pull out. This is a great feature as it eliminates the need to store the two parts. Newer storm doors add an extra layer of insulation between the outside cold and the newer ones are quite tight sealing.

In an alcove such as this they work wonderfully but on homes where the door gets a great deal of sun, even in the winter, the temperature between the two doors gets incredibly warm. This incredible heat can have effects on the actual door cause major issues in a short period of time.

On fiberglass and steel doors such as the one above, the results of this heat will be easy to see. It gets so hot that the plastics and adhesives in the door just melt. Even on wooded doors there will be problems such as the joints shrinking and cracking apart or if it’s painted, the paint peeling off even in the winter.

You may want to eliminate the storm door completely on side of the home that get a great deal of winter, low angle sun as the consequences could be move costly than the heat your trying to save. If the goal of the storm door is to protect the exterior door you might consider adding a small roof over the door. This will protect it from rain splashing on it and to a degree snow fall.

Delaminated door


Radio Systems PetSafe Pet Screen Door
Pet Products (Radio Systems)
  • Fits any metal/plastic screen
  • Slide lock
  • Available in brown
  • 8-Inch by 10-inch
  • Works with metal or fiber screen doors
  • Available in bronze
  • Easy to install.
  • Frame: 9-7/16 x 11-7/16
  • Rustproof; strong ABS frame

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I owned an escape artist

And no matter WHAT I did, he got out. We had a 6 ft fence surrouding our entire yard, he learned how to jump up and unlatch it. We put a padlock on the fence gate, he dug UNDER the fence. He went through countless screen doors, storm doors, windows, etc. He even tried to jump out of a 4th story window and was rescued by the fire dept, which made the front page of our local paper.
He was born to run, to quote Bruce, and run he did. He was chipped, tattooed, and wore a collar with tags, so eventually we would get him back. But once someone took him and he was gone for a full month before he ran away from that situation

Vooralsnog alleen lichte schade door storm  —
Vooralsnog alleen lichte schade door storm. De storm die zaterdag over het land trekt heeft vooralsnog geen grote schade veroorzaakt. Brandweerwoordvoerders van verschillende korpsen hebben nog geen meldingen van grote incidenten binnengekregen.

Wright Products Wright Products V2000BL Easy Touch Pneumatic Storm/Screen Door Closer, Black
Home Improvement (Wright Products)
  • Dial Hold Open - Unique dial hold open provides positive locking action with no pinching
  • Easy Dial Speed Adjuster - Simply turn the knob to desired closing speed
  • Custom Bracket Cover - Snap on jamb bracket cover creates a sleek, unified appearance
  • For wood or metal outswinging doors
  • Full 90 degree opening
Camco Camco 42183 Screen Door Cross Bar (Black)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Camco)
  • Allows for easier exit and protection of the RV screen door
  • Provides a sturdy feel to your door.
  • Easy installation instructions and hardware included
  • Bar adjusts from 21-5/8 - 28-5/8
  • Easy to use and durable

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