Source for Simple & Modern Storm Doors?

storm-door-neon.jpg Q: Now that winter has arrived in full force, I'm once again feeling like an energy-waster for not having storm doors on my house. This is not for lack of trying, as I have looked and looked but have never been able to find any suitably styled options. I want a full-view door which is simple enough, but the hardware on every option I've ever seen is always completely inappropriate to the style of my home. From what I understand, storm door hardware is manufacturer-specific and not replaceable or interchangeable…

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…So far, the closest I've found to something I can live with is a low-end EMCO door with the old style push button handle, but as I said it's low-end, and I'd just has soon pay more for a higher quality door. I'm hoping Apartment Therapy readers will have some suggestions for something that has (or can be retrofitted with) clean, modern hardware instead of swoopy, curvy and shiny stuff. Thanks, and cheers!

Editor: An excellent question — especially after attempting to research the topic. Who has suggestions?


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Storm door glass is very cloudy

And all windows inside of my car were very cloudy also. I have had car for 5 years so you notice all these different things.
Other day i thought the glass on the storm door was going to shatter when I closed the door.
All the door knobs are ice cold... almost feels like frostbite.
so how can I prove they are doing this?

Vooralsnog alleen lichte schade door storm  —
Vooralsnog alleen lichte schade door storm. De storm die zaterdag over het land trekt heeft vooralsnog geen grote schade veroorzaakt. Brandweerwoordvoerders van verschillende korpsen hebben nog geen meldingen van grote incidenten binnengekregen.

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