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Bypass (Sliding) Doors

Bypass door units have two or more standard-size interior doors, which are hung on rollers from a track and open from side to side. Sliding doors are popular for closet applications because they save on swing space, and mirrored finishes can make small rooms appear larger and reflect light for a brighter look.

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Bifold Doors

Bifold doors have one or two pairs of doors that fold in half to open, and are ideal for closets in smaller rooms. They slide on a track and are secured with pivots in the top and bottom corners. The doors are hinged together in the middle to maximize the functional closet opening without interfering with traffic.Interior Bypass (Sliding) Mirrored Door All Bifold Interior Doors

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are similar to bypassing door units, except that pocket doors roll back into the wall to appear virtually invisible when open.

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2) Choose the Style

Interior doors come in louvre, French, moulded (panel) and flush styles with either solid or hollow cores. Moulded interior doors are offered in wood-grain and smooth finishes, and flush doors are available in a variety of pre-finished hardboard and unfinished hardwood patterns. Louvre doors help ventilate closets and improve air circulation between rooms, while French doors allow natural light to cascade from room to room.

  • Interior Bifold DoorLouvre Over Louvre
  • 9-Lite
  • 15-Lite Square
  • 3-Panel Equal
  • 6-Panel Moulded
  • Flush

Hollow core doors are made with interwoven corrugated hollow cells that support the outer face of the door; they are lightweight and ideal for low-traffic areas. Solid core doors are constructed from particleboard or fibre core materials, giving them solid weight that helps reduce noise.

All door styles are available as prehung (which includes the jamb and frame) or as slab (which includes just the door itself); most doors are enclosed in jambs that frame the opening.

Wood Doors
  • Features real wood grains
  • Paintable and stainable


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  • Avatar Tim F Help fitting a interior door?
    Sep 22, 2009 by Tim F | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I want to put a door in my bedroom. Right now its a accordion door. It measures 31"x78". All the local stores(lowes, Homed Depot) have doors that are either 30x80 or 32x80. How do I fit a door in this space?

    • Use some 1x4 to build up the jambs and reduce the width of the opening. You'll probably have to get some wider moulding, too, to cover up the gaps. Unless you're pretty good with drywall mud and can fill it in that way.