Installing pre-hung interior doors

Split jamb pre-hung doorYou can still buy door blanks today but for the most part people choose to use prehung doors. Doors today come with the casing, trim, locksets holes bored and hinges already install. It’s very simple matter of installing the door with some screws, nails, shims and a level.

The first type of prehung interior door we’re going to look at today is called a split jam interior door.Removing door trim e you install it with the trim casing and ready to be mounted into the wall.

If you are replacing a door you can measure the existing door so that you will have the exact size that you will need when you order or go to purchase your new one. Taking out an existing door isn’t that hard and if it is going to be discarded then you really only have to be careful taking off the trim. Generally what I do is to remove the hinges from the frame. This way the door is separate and I’ve cut down some of the weight.

Next is to remove the trim from the wall without damaging the wall. It’s a relatively easy process and all you will need is a pry bar as shown below, a hammer and something to wedge between the bar and the wall so that the pressure is spread out and there is no damage to the wall. I have an older 6″ sheetrock knife that’s past it’s prime and this works well as its thin and slides easily between the trim and wall.

Door blanks Split jam door Level Making a door plumb


Johnson Prod. Johnson Prod. 153068PF Pocket Door Frame
Lawn & Patio (Johnson Prod.)
  • Complete kit, commercial grade, lifetime guarantee
  • 200 lb. capacity, for 2 x 4 interior walls. Includes ball bearing hangers and 1 3/4 adapter kit.
  • Pre-installed 100 series box-track
  • Steel reinforced split studs for rigid pocket walls
  • Frames can be cut down to fit any smaller door size

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Solid core interior doors are not made of MDF

They are usually made with low grade particle board cores, with or without a lumber cored area where the lockset goes...sometimes they are made with laminated strips of lumber (lumber or engineered core), and sometimes if they are a high rated fire door they have a mineral core (which is gypsum).
Except for the mineral core, all can be easily cut to a smaller size and edge banded with an appropriate iron-on veneer or glued wood strips to finish the edges, and will make an excellent table or desk.


Older door in excellent condition... Includes hardware... Opens to the outside hinged on left... Exterior finished with polyurethane... Interior unfinished... This is a very well made HEAVY door... PICK-UP ONLY in The GARDENS of GULF COVE, CHARLOTTE COUNTY... Asking $50 OBO... IT'S GOT TO GO THIS WEEK!!!

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L.E. Johnson 2060 Commercial Grade Pocket Door Frame (48" x 80")
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  • For 2 x 6 Interior Walls. 400lbs. capacity. Complete kit, commercial grade, lifetime guarantee
  • Heavy-duty precision extruded aluminum jump-proof I beam track design.
  • 4-wheel Ball Bearing Rollers.Flip-of-a-clip door plate for easy door installation/removal.
  • Floor Anchor allows for floor settling without disturbing horizontal alignment of header and track.
  • HEAVY DUTY ALL STEEL SPLIT JAMBS. Zinc plated parts. Can be cut down to fit any smaller doors.

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  • Avatar Tim F Help fitting a interior door?
    Sep 22, 2009 by Tim F | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I want to put a door in my bedroom. Right now its a accordion door. It measures 31"x78". All the local stores(lowes, Homed Depot) have doors that are either 30x80 or 32x80. How do I fit a door in this space?

    • Use some 1x4 to build up the jambs and reduce the width of the opening. You'll probably have to get some wider moulding, too, to cover up the gaps. Unless you're pretty good with drywall mud and can fill it in that way.