Brinks Home Security Push-Pull-Rotate Door Knob Review

Brinks Home Security Push-Pull-Rotate Door Knob ReviewDisclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

We are updating our home and I love to discover new ideas. I recently discovered the new Push Pull Rotate Door Knobs and Levers from Brinks Home Security and think that the concept is ingenious. This innovative line of door knobs and levers is exceptional because it makes opening the door easier than ever. Are your hands full of shopping bags or are you carrying a sleeping toddler? No problem, simply pull or push on the knob using your elbow, hips or even one finger and the door will open effortlessly. Prefer the traditional door knob? The rotate feature also makes it easy to use like a regular door knob. I appreciate that the Push-Pull-Rotate door knob is a revolutionary way to open doors using any of those three options easily.

Brinks Home Security Push-Pull-Rotate door knobs and levers are available for both exterior and interior doors and has the option for matching deadbolts available for maximum security. I really like the wide selection so that you can find the perfect style, function or finish for your home décor. Brinks has really paid attention to making these look really nice when installed with hidden screws and a 33% increased coverage area to hide blemishes like we have on our older model door.

Our old lock between the garage and our interior was ready for an update and my husband thought that the Push-Pull-Rotate door knob would be a great idea. We received an exterior locking door knob and Mark said that it was very easy to install and he has the peace of mind that it is constructed to be durable with all metal and a cylindrical chassis. You can choose from Exterior Locking/Keyed Entry, Interior Locking and Interior Non-Locking to best suite your personal home needs. The door knobs are just as easy to use as the company describes and it only took a few tries for my children to get the hang of using the knob to open and close the door. We are also considering the interior styles for inside the home as well.

We were also very impressed with the affordable prices which range from $24.97 to $29.97. It is available for purchase online at and at selected Lowes stores in the United States. If you are looking to update your home with new door hardware then I highly recommend this line from Brink Home Security. The Push-Pull-Rotate door knobs and levers are going to change the way busy families open their doors! You are invited to visit Brinks Home Security to learn more about this product line and check out all of the great features.


Graphics Guy Bar-ricade Door Security Bar
Single Detail Page Misc (Graphics Guy)
  • Bar-ricade get s your door as close to kick proof as possible withot major structural changes to your home.u
  • The Strongest piece of interior door security hardwarer on the market.Made of Steel. Will not bend or break without THOUSANDS of pounds of force.
  • Installs in minutes without cutting your door trim with simple hand tools.This item WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE CONUS.
  • You MUST send a note with your order telling me how wide your door is from edge to edge so I can ship the correct size bar. Thanks!

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Don't lick the windowsills

I'm only half kidding- we've had puppies chew on the windowsills, and babies aren't much different. But- really not too much to worry about as long as you're not sanding anything. Pay someone else to replace the windows if they haven't been done since 1970 or so, and to do any interior sanding and painting while you're out of the house.
Interior doors may be a potential problem- my son likes to peel the paint off ours- and the paint can chip off the edges so consider replacing those in his room. Unless the paint is peeling off the walls, you should be fine. Do test your water pipes- lead solder is usually the issue

Fortune Brands Home & Security Inc (FBHS) news: Fortune Brands Home ..  — Seeking Alpha
.. is engaged in home and security products with companies focused on the design, manufacture and sale of products in Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry, Plumbing & Accessories, advanced material windows & entry door Systems, and security and storage products.

National Hardware National Hardware V804 Door Security Guard in Satin Nickel
Home Improvement (National Hardware)
  • Cannot be unlocked from the outside
  • Unlocks easily from the inside
  • Die cast zinc, antique brass finish
  • Ideal for limiting door openings in residences
  • Manufactured from zinc die-cast
  • Guard is easy to install and operate
  • LifeSpan Limited Lifetime Warranty
1293 InteriorDoorKit from Milescraft
1293 InteriorDoorKit from Milescraft
picking an interior door lock (center …
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