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Freshly-painted doors and trim can make a huge difference in bringing your home’s color scheme together. I know this for a fact since I have been living with two different colors of trim and doors in my foyer. Over a year ago, I removed the carpet from my foyer staircase, stained the steps in a wood tone and painted the risers white. This was a huge improvement to the room, but it also added to my painting to-do list. The doors and baseboard in the room were painted antique white and needed a coat or two of white paint to match the steps. It took me some time to tackle the task, but I finally got to scratch it off my to-do list this past weekend.

My “Before”
It is hard to tell in this photo, but the door and sidelights are antique white. If you look at the bottom right where the doorframe meets the baseboard you can see where the two colors meet. There are two other doors in the room in the same color.


I decided to paint all the doors in one day. Prepping takes the most time, the actual painting goes quickly.

Before painting a door, here are a few tips to help the task go smoothly:

-The easiest way to paint a door is while it is in its frame on its hinges. If you remove the door from the frame, the frame may shift and the door may not fit or function properly when replaced.

-Another reason to leave it on its hinges is that you can paint both sides at the same time. If you laid it down to paint, you’d have to wait for one side to dry before you could paint the other side.

-If your door is dirty, use a scrub sponge saturated with rubbing alcohol to clean it. The alcohol will dissolve the grease and grime, and will evaporate without raising the wood grain like a water-based cleaner would. t something to adhere to. Even if your door is not too dirty, give it a cleaning with soap and water, and then rinse with clean water to remove any soap residue.

-If you are going to be painting over an oil-based paint with latex, you must first sand it lightly and prime it with a good gripping primer. If you do not prime, the paint will rub right off when it is dry. If you are not sure what the old paint finish is, sand and prime to be on the safe side.

Directions for painting any type of door:

Start with the frame/casing, working up from the inside bottom, across the top, and then down the other side. Don’t paint the top or bottom of a door (the narrow parts that aren’t visible when the door is closed). Leave them unpainted so the door can expand and contract with changes in humidity.


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Don't lick the windowsills

I'm only half kidding- we've had puppies chew on the windowsills, and babies aren't much different. But- really not too much to worry about as long as you're not sanding anything. Pay someone else to replace the windows if they haven't been done since 1970 or so, and to do any interior sanding and painting while you're out of the house.
Interior doors may be a potential problem- my son likes to peel the paint off ours- and the paint can chip off the edges so consider replacing those in his room. Unless the paint is peeling off the walls, you should be fine. Do test your water pipes- lead solder is usually the issue

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  • Avatar Technojay I am looking to buy a new French Door refrigerator.?
    Dec 03, 2008 by Technojay | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    Which brand is the best? Which brand should I stay away from??

    • GE has a nice looking new line that functions very well, but get the GE Profile if you can afford it. You may have an authorized GE Scratch & Dent dealer in your area! Call around, because these are where the deals a …(consumer reports, consumer affairs) on this brand's models before you commit to one. Unless you know how to tell who made a kenmore, you may get something made by LG or Frigidaire or who really knows! I hope this helps!