Interior Doors “Doorways With Design” – Part II

Ideas and Instructions for Creating Fabulous Interior Doors

Working With Paneled Doors

Thought we would begin with paneled doors since most people have them. Many of them are molded to have a wood grain. These offer the potential for a faux bois finish, distressed wood, faux bois plus aging and painted designs.

Glaze was applied to these doors with a flogger. Since they have the grain molded into them it settles into the grain. We added and to the existing hardware in a faux bronze finish.

The pre-existing knobs had an indentation to which we added amethyst cabochons.

Entrance to a Master Bath, these doors were designed for an Indian couple with a faux finish and hand painting with gold leaf.

So many people have white trim and doors throughout their homes. In keeping with the elegance of this home all we did was add some interest to the door hardware. Rather than replace the hardware we merely attach what we call “hinge straps” to the existing hinges. They are available for $12 each and is a very inexpensive, quick and easy addition.

in Faux Finish to match existing hinge

We also like to add ornament to paneled interior doors as well as paneled cabinet doors.

These doors were at the end of a long hallway leading to their theatre. The doors had interesting panels for the ornament. We finished the ornament in brass to compliment their hardware and the gold fabric damask on their walls.

Same residence upstairs hall with many doors that we added pediments with hand painted ornament, hinge straps, and door ornament.


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