French door air sealing

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While performing an audit and blower door test, we came across a french door (pics attached) that, of course, was hemorrhaging air. The homeowner also complained about insects getting in around the door (surprising, of course).

We think we can air seal the perimeter with good weatherstripping, but are at a total loss for what to do where the doors come together. Both sides are operational and used. The doors are fiberglass, so adding weatherstripping between them is not practical. We thought about using some v-stripping on both sides, but then we run into the same problem of how to attach it since adhesive would wear out and screws are impractical.

As you can see in the photos, the homeowner used foam tape, but the gap is simply too big and the adhesive not strong enough to handle the sheer forces of the doors opening and closing.


Pemko Mfg. Co. Pemko Manufacturing Door Weather Stripping - Magnetic Bronze
Home Improvement (Pemko Mfg. Co.)
  • The magnetic strip is encased in a UV-stable TPE cover
  • Can be trimmed in the field and mitered to fit into corners.
  • Magnetic gasketing provides an effective perimeter seal around a steel faced door

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Applying weather strip to French door.
Applying weather strip to French door.
Door Weather-stripping
Door Weather-stripping
How to Weatherstrip Doors
How to Weatherstrip Doors

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  • Avatar Technojay I am looking to buy a new French Door refrigerator.?
    Dec 03, 2008 by Technojay | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    Which brand is the best? Which brand should I stay away from??

    • GE has a nice looking new line that functions very well, but get the GE Profile if you can afford it. You may have an authorized GE Scratch & Dent dealer in your area! Call around, because these are where the deals a …(consumer reports, consumer affairs) on this brand's models before you commit to one. Unless you know how to tell who made a kenmore, you may get something made by LG or Frigidaire or who really knows! I hope this helps!