ODL retractable screens for French doors, patio doors, sliding glass

ODL Retractable Screens fit all doorsills, can be mounted to the right or left side, and are designed to install quickly and easily with simple tools. The installation process is thoroughly explained in the instruction booklet that accompanies each kit. View the installation video for more details.

Start by determining what kind of retractable screen door you need:

If you have a swinging door, does the door swing to the inside of your home (in-swing) or the outside (out-swing)?

If you have double doors or French doors, be sure to order two (2) screen units and a double door installation kit.

Retractable screen, sliding door
height Screen fits on Available
Short 79-7/8" 6'6" in-swing door
6'8" out-swing door White Sliding 79-7/8" 6'8" sliding glass door White Standard 81" 6'8" in-swing door White
Sandstone Tall 96" 8'0" in-swing door White
Sandstone One screen covers a single door up to 36" wide; two screens cover double doors up to 72" wide.
(Note: Two screen units and a double door installation kit are required for double doors.)
Replacement screen cartridges are available, should screen ever become damaged.
Retractable Screens are not intended to provide security or provide for the retention of objects, animals, or persons within the interior.

Available colors refer to Retractable Screen housing, track, and handle.

Easily mounts to existing door frame.

Retractable screen Retractable screen double door kit

Source: www.odl.com

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Big frosted glass ones (think like the japanese screen doors/walls), if you could make them "pocket" so they disappear that would be best but not sure about the surrounding layout (maybe just Big french doors would be easier - not major install like pockets). Then in that room you could put a built in Murphy Bed so it could easily be used for guests, or as an office/Sitting room the rest of the time (plus get added, hidden storage)
like these or this option - click "The Norse Home" link

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  • Avatar Technojay I am looking to buy a new French Door refrigerator.?
    Dec 03, 2008 by Technojay | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    Which brand is the best? Which brand should I stay away from??

    • GE has a nice looking new line that functions very well, but get the GE Profile if you can afford it. You may have an authorized GE Scratch & Dent dealer in your area! Call around, because these are where the deals a …(consumer reports, consumer affairs) on this brand's models before you commit to one. Unless you know how to tell who made a kenmore, you may get something made by LG or Frigidaire or who really knows! I hope this helps!