Large Doorway Screen Adds Beauty and Function

Custom Installed Solutions

Distinction door screen provides a perfect screen solution for double doors, sliding door systems, and other large doorways with high traffic areas. Manufactured by Seiki Screen Systems™, this pleated retractable screen combines beauty and function to offer a flexible, reliable, and innovative solution to screen oversized or large doorways.

Features & Benefits

Distinction screen allows you to enjoy the breeze and views of the great outdoors without having to worry about insects entering your living spaces. Installing Distinction screens gives you greater flexibility of indoor climate control with natural ventilation and brightens up your space by allowing natural light in. Distinction screens offer the perfect solution for wheelchair accessible wide doorways and universal design. Please click on the image below to learn more about the features and benefits of this versatile large doorway screen solution and how it can seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor living spaces.


Distinction screens are available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any large doorways. Please refer to the chart below for maximum and minimum size dimensions.

Single and Double Large Doorways
Height Single Double
76″ to 85 13/16″

NOTE: Width/height ratio limitations may apply; your local Phantom Screens authorized representative will confirm applicability based on site dimensions.

Single & Double Oversized Doors

Phantom Distinction Retractable Screen Solutions™ are perfect for large single and double doorways. One retractable Distinction screen panel covers a double door, making it a versatile solution for high traffic areas.

In-swing and Out-swing large doorwaysIn-swing & Out-swing Doors

Distinction Screens can be installed on all in-swing and out-swing doors. The unique Wire Tension system keeps the mesh tight, and allows entry and exit with minimum effort.

Oversized Openings

Depending on the width of the opening, folding door systems and large lift & slide doors can be easily screened with one or two Distinction screens. The screens remain out of sight when not in use, thereby preserving the look and design of your doorway.

We ensure your complete satisfaction by customizing our Distinction large doorway screens to each home. Installed by our experienced installation professionals, Distinction screens are available in a variety of designer colors to perfectly complement your home's interior and exterior finishes. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty provides you additional peace of mind.


FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc. Sliding Glass Patio Door Mortise Lock Latch Mechanism
Home Improvement (FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc.)
  • Easily replaces many vinyl, aluminum, and wooden sliding door mortise locks (See line drawing photo)
  • Durable steel construction with yellow zinc dichromate (YZD) plating for corrosion resistance
  • Round end face plate, Adjustable hook, 45 degree hub
  • Adapter plate available in multiple finishes
  • FPL #6 finish-matching keeper / strike is included

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Agreed- I install windows and have seen

Issues with Pella windows and french doors, usually related to the cladding being warped or not being aligned properly with gaps at the seams that can open up...also some of their hardware is clumsy and hard to operate, especially the stuff related to the windows and doors with the internal blinds.
I have never had any significant quality control issues with Andersen products, ever. They aren't cheap but they are a solid product that performs well and they last with minimal maintenance.

The older ones

Could be a pain to untangle if they got up-ended during shipping or installation, but the newer Pella windows and french doors I've installed don't actually have the blinds inside the dual pane; there is a separate inner sash (with regular annealed, not tempered, glass) that can be opened to access the blinds.
Very pricey and except for the slick blinds, not that great a product, really- their quality control isn't very good and the cladding and hardware is mediocre. Nearly every client we put them in for felt somewhat hosed when they saw the finished product that got sent to them and how much less perfect it was than the showroom display, and especially after the field reps blew them off when they complained about improperly fitted joints in the cladding, jambs damaged due to...

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