Buying Pella French Door Locks

Pella French doors are frequently utilized for both replacements and new construction. One of the things that makes their doors so incredibly popular is the options for their door lock systems, which includes their standard multi-point door lock system that ensures your hinged patio doors are secure.

Types of Pella Locks for French Doors

Pella makes three different lines of hinged patio doors. If you are having difficulty deciding which door to choose, the available locking mechanisms may help you make up your mind.

Multi-Point Door Lock

Pella's unique multi-point door lock comes standard on all of their hinged patio doors. This lock engages in two to three different spots on the doors, rather than just in the center. This makes your door more secure and more difficult to get open in the event of an attempted break-in.

Easy Locking Handle

On the Designer and Pro-line patio doors, you must engage each of the locks separately on the multi-point door lock system. If you opt for the Architect series of doors, however, you have the option of getting the Easy Locking Handle. The Easy Locking Handle engages all three of the locks on the door automatically when you pull up on the handle.

Flushbolt System

If you opt for the Designer series patio doors, you have the option of getting the Flushbolt System installed on your doors as well. The Flushbolt System allows you to lock one of the two doors into place without needing to bend over or reach up to do so. The lock is found on the interior of the door right next to the handle. Flipping it on or off can be done with a thumb.

Buying and Installing Pella French Door Locks

Pella's French door locks work only on Pella French doors; they cannot be retrofit to other hinged patio doors due to the way that the doors are constructed around the lock.

Not all locks and parts are sold separately, but replacement parts are available in the event that a lock needs repair. In the event that a door or lock malfunctions or needs repair, contact Pella's customer service at 1-877-473-5527. Have your receipt or the Pella ID number located on the door or lock available when you call to get the part you need. You can get instructions for replacing the multi-point locks from DocStoc.

If you wish to purchase a lock or handle in a different finish to retro fit an existing Pella door, you can purchase them from these merchants:

Pella hinged patio doors and their locks are available at numerous locations around the country. You can schedule an in-home consultation directly with Pella, or find the nearest distributor if you plan to install the doors yourself on their distributor page.

Secure Your Patio Doors

If you are considering Pella hinged patio doors, take the available locking mechanisms into consideration as you make your decision. With the different locking systems available, your needs could influence your eventual choice.


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Agreed- I install windows and have seen

Issues with Pella windows and french doors, usually related to the cladding being warped or not being aligned properly with gaps at the seams that can open up...also some of their hardware is clumsy and hard to operate, especially the stuff related to the windows and doors with the internal blinds.
I have never had any significant quality control issues with Andersen products, ever. They aren't cheap but they are a solid product that performs well and they last with minimal maintenance.

The older ones

Could be a pain to untangle if they got up-ended during shipping or installation, but the newer Pella windows and french doors I've installed don't actually have the blinds inside the dual pane; there is a separate inner sash (with regular annealed, not tempered, glass) that can be opened to access the blinds.
Very pricey and except for the slick blinds, not that great a product, really- their quality control isn't very good and the cladding and hardware is mediocre. Nearly every client we put them in for felt somewhat hosed when they saw the finished product that got sent to them and how much less perfect it was than the showroom display, and especially after the field reps blew them off when they complained about improperly fitted joints in the cladding, jambs damaged due to...

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  • Avatar Technojay I am looking to buy a new French Door refrigerator.?
    Dec 03, 2008 by Technojay | Posted in Maintenance & Repairs

    Which brand is the best? Which brand should I stay away from??

    • GE has a nice looking new line that functions very well, but get the GE Profile if you can afford it. You may have an authorized GE Scratch & Dent dealer in your area! Call around, because these are where the deals a …(consumer reports, consumer affairs) on this brand's models before you commit to one. Unless you know how to tell who made a kenmore, you may get something made by LG or Frigidaire or who really knows! I hope this helps!