French Door Wall Oven

American RangeThis soon to be released residential wall oven from American Range features dual dependant french oven doors. When one is moved the other is activated; so you can hold your oven tray in your right hand and open the oven with your left.

This oven features Innovection Convection Technology which means it has 2 convection motors and louvered side panels to enhance baking performance. It comes in a 30″ electric version or a 30″ gas 20% reduction in the use of gas over other ovens since it does not rely on radiant heat to bake.

The commercial grade high temperature procelain interior measures 4.7 cu. ft. It has a 30, 000 BTU concealed oven burner and a 15, 000 BTU Incone banquet broiler burner. The outside is made of commercial grade stainless steel with easy to use analog controls. Color options are available.

American Range Company is a 30+ year old manufacturer of restaurant cookign equipment that inlcudes specialty ranges, ovens, griddles and specialty restaurant cooking products. For more information or to locate a dealer visit


3D Rose - LG 3dRose Fl_107350_1 Merde French Word Garden Flag, 12 by 18-Inch
Lawn & Patio (3D Rose - LG)
  • Overall dimension (in Inch): 12 x 18; image size (in Inch): 10 x 10
  • Made of 100% single-ply semi-opaque polyester
  • Image is printed on one side, with a lighter image visible on the backside
  • Suitable for hanging from a flag pole (8mm in diameter), on a wall, ceiling, banisters or doors
  • Hanging hardware/pole not included

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French Words For Kids
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French word for door is la porte
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SA French Bulldog Vinyl Wall Decals Quotes Sayings Words Art Decor Lettering Vinyl Wall Art Inspirational Uplifting
Baby Product (SA)
  • - Great decoration that looks hand painted on your walls after applying it.
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  • - Installation instructions are inluded with each order
  • - Overall dimensions are 22 inches wide x 16 inches tall (larger sizes also available)
  • - In retail packaging! Great for resell or a gift for a loved one.
Door ART # 1,1
Art ()

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