Door Transoms and Sidelites

Milgard door transoms and sidelites - screen captureTake your door a step beyond ordinary. With Milgard's two new transoms and operable sidelites, your In-Swing Ultra™ Series or WoodClad™ Series patio door is nothing less than extraordinary.

Milgard now offers two new transom styles: Direct Glazed and Panel Glazed to invite in the sunlight. For optimal ventilation, place an operable sidelite on one or both sides of the door.

Available on these products:

Direct Glaze transomCheck the "More Options" tab for additional information about transoms and sidelites.

Transoms & Sidelites. – Available in either a Direct Glazed or Panel Glazed style, a transom above the door invites in the sunlight. For truly expansive, uninterrupted light, add to that a fixed or operable sidelite on one or both sides of the door.

  • Direct glaze transom
  • Panel glaze transom
  • Operable sidelite

Possible Combinations

  • 1 Panel, single sidelite

  • 1 Panel, dual sidelite

  • 1 Panel, transom

  • 1 Panel, sidelite & transom

  • 2 Panel, dual sidelite

  • 2 Panel, transom

  • 2 Panel, single sidelite & transom

  • 2 Panel, dual sidelite & transom

  • 3 Panel, transom

Panel Glaze transom Operable sidelite Operable sidelite 2 Panel,  dual sidelite


Etch Art Ritz 16in x 74in Semi-Private
Home (Etch Art)
  • Adhesive-free film - no mess, no fuss.
  • Clings to any smooth, non-porous surface.
  • Installs in minutes and Looks great for years!
  • Easy to clean with just soapy water.
  • Provides privacy day and night, lights on or lights off.

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Doggie door for french doors?

Mom's 8mo poodle/bischon/something fluffy thinks that going outside is the best thing ever... except when it's raining and you have to poop. Then going in the living room where no one can see you is much better! :-(
Unfortunately, mom is recovering from a broken pelvis and really has no interest in letting Anabeth out several times an hour so she can chase dragonflies. Do they make doggie doors for french doors? Or will we have to replace them with normal doors? Or a slider?

Ah cute...we have french doors

so theres no room for the doggie door, so its in the wall next to them.
I play a game with Sarge
go to the door
(his head is out the doggie door)
open the door
(hes outside already, waiting to play)
close the door
(hes inside already)
open the door
(outside again wondering why Im not coming out and throwing his ball.)
Close the door
(hes inside again, annoyed I'm not throwing the ball)

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Little Cottage Co. Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse
Toy (Little Cottage Co.)
  • Includes 10 flower boxes, windows, loft with ladder, front child door and adult sized french door
  • Shingles, drip edge and paint not included
  • High-quality siding and trim
  • 22 Beautiful working playhouse transom windows to frame front door with safety glass and screens
  • 4 Stately columns
Transom Window Install
Transom Window Install
French Door Install 1 of 2_by TLS …
French Door Install 1 of 2_by TLS …
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