Several Common Types of Exterior French Doors Designs

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This post will give you various types of Exterior French Doors design.

Exterior French doors come in numerous styles. They are similar to patio doors in that they are mostly glass doors; however, French doors have decorative or carved wood around them and their glass may be stained or glazed. Furthermore, Exterior French Doors usually have double-paned glass to provide better insulation.

Fiberglass French Patio Doors GalleryHinged Exterior French Doors are two double doors that are hinged to either open into a room or out of a room.

For example, using hinged French doors on a patio, the out swing doors will open onto the patio. Hinged French doors can be made of both ornate wood and decorative metal, with either clear glass or decorative glass as well. Hinged French doors are also available without glass, such as metal or vinyl and these are relatively maintenance free.

Pocket French doors are used when there is little space for a door to swing open. Pocket French doors slide into the walls on either side of the door.Exterior french door images saving space on a small patio or when there is not enough room for them to open in to the open as well. However, with pocket exterior French doors, you need to make sure that there is enough room for the pockets and special the construction that these doors will need on either wall to ensure that they are sealed properly from the elements and other creatures.

Bi-fold and multi-fold French doors are accordion style doors. With a bi-fold door, each door is made of two panels that will fold twice onto itself. While a multi-fold door may have smaller panels and fold three or four times onto themselves. With both styles the door panels are hinged together and are on a sliding track, so you can fold them and slide them to the side. Again, these work well for small spaces, so that the doors do not take up as much room. With bi-fold and multi-fold exterior French doors these doors also require special construction to ensure they are sealed from the elements and other creatures getting into the home.


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French Door Weather Strip

About 3 years ago I had Home Depot do a lot of work for me, including the installation of 3 french patio doors (replacing a sliding glass door). As with everything I had HD do, the job was not done right. The main entrance door was cut too long and the weather stripping soon wore off from rubbing on the carpet. I have an inch of cold air coming in it now. Does anyone know a good handyman in the Denver or Lakewood/Golden area that can fix my problem? That is, cut the door right and re-install weather stripping. The bad news is that they are fiberglass, so I don't want to mess with cutting them myself

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