How to Apply UV Protection Varnish on an Exterior Wood Door

How to Apply UV Protection Varnish on an Exterior Wood DoorSunlight is maybe the most damaging component to exterior wood. Exterior, regardless of the fact that stained, frequently bear the brunt of ultraviolet flashes. Don't hold back on the nature of a protective clear finish for exterior doors. Search for urethane or marine fight varnish with UV protection that will ingest and redirect ultraviolet beams, averting your door and the finish from breaking and blurring. This is particularly significant in sunny climates and with doors with southern or western presentation.

  1. Remove the door, if handy. Use a mallet and screwdriver to tap the hinge sticks out of the hinges. Lay the door level on saw stallions and remove whatever is left of the door hardware. In the event that it is not down to earth to remove the door, abandon it slightly open while drying and tape plastic sheeting over the interior to keep bugs and climate out.
  2. the door with gentle cleanser and a grating wipe to remove grime and soil. Permit it to dry.
  3. Fill holes or holes with exterior wood putty. Pick a color that best matches the existing color of the door, remembering that it will obscure slightly after you apply the varnish.
  4. Sand the door thoroughly with 180- or 220-gravel sandpaper or a medium-fine sanding wipe. Sand toward the wood grain until the whole surface is smooth and dull.
  5. Remove sanding dust with a brush or vacuum, then wipe it down with a tack fabric. Tack materials are sticky fabrics, accessible at paint stores, which successfully remove fine dust from sanded surfaces.
  6. Pour a little varnish into a clean can and apply it to the door with a regular abound 2- or 3-inch brush. Apply the varnish in a slender, even cover, working toward the wood grain. Permit it to dry for the time prescribed on the mark, usually between eight and 12 hours.
  7. Sand the first layer of dried varnish lightly and remove sanding dust with the tack material. Apply a second layer of varnish and permit it to dry completely before replacing the door hardware or rehanging the door.


Minwax Minwax 33260 Helmsman Spar Urethane, Semi-Gloss Finish
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  • Finish
  • Fortified alkyd resin formulated to dry to a hard but not brittle finish
  • Perfect for patio furniture, exterior doors, bar tops, window sills, wooden boats
  • Resistant to chipping, checking and cracking
  • Use indoors or outdoors

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Hmmm. I'm curious...

Curious about your comment: " interior finish like Verathane Oil Finish doesn't flex very well and moisture will get underneath the finish and deteriorate the wood."
The VOF I'm familiar with is recommended for both interior AND exterior uses.
Second your comment @ moisture getting underneath suggests it's topical. We used it once on new wood and it was applied and seemed to soak in like Danish oil or stain. IOW, it did not seem topical (as Polyurethane or varnish might), and held up beautifully on an exterior door with little maintenance required, and the finish was gorgeous

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Rust-Oleum Rust-Oleum 207008 Marine Spar Varnish 1-Quart
Home Improvement (Rust-Oleum)
  • UV resistant
  • Salt and mildew resistant
  • Expands and contracts with changing weather conditions
  • Twice as durable as conventional wood finishes
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
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MOD PODGE Mod Podge CS11220 8-Ounce Glue, Outdoor
Art and Craft Supply (MOD PODGE)
  • Quick-drying for multiple coat build up
  • Dries clear, cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Certified AP non-toxic, water base
  • Water-resistant finish makes it perfect for use on wood, terra cotta, slate, tin, and more
  • Non-toxic
General Finishes Semi-Gloss General Finishes Exterior 450 Varnish, Gallon
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Paint Sundries Solutions Minwax 63205 Helmsman Spar Urethane Satin Finish, Quart
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  • Contains UV blockers to reduce the sun s graying and fading effects
  • Forms a protective barrier against rain and moisture
  • Special oils allow the finish to expand and contract with the wood as seasons and temperatures change

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  • Avatar charlesanne50 What do you call an enclosure that is built around the side door of your home to protect you from the elements?
    Jul 16, 2009 by charlesanne50 | Posted in Other - Home & Garden

    I have a side door to my home that always get snow drifts, you get wet when it rains, and the wind blows so strong you can hardly get the door open. What do you call the structure that is built around the door?

    • Welll this is called a mud room and the door has a thing called a door jam