Installing Exterior Doors with Easy to Follow Instructions

exterior door

Installing Exterior Door

Installing exterior door with easy instructions. Also works with doors with sidelights and very heavy or large doors. Install without the hard work of shimming and no nailing through the door jamb, leaving no nail holes to patch! The following instructions are for the hanging of an exterior entry door. For these installation instructions you will be using a package of The Quick Door Hanger interior door brackets, which are available at most Home Depot locations.

easy exterior door installationPlease note: as each type of replacement door is different, it is highly recommended that you pay close attention to the installation instructions included with your door. However, the following are general replacement door installation instructions.

We currently don’t have an exterior door video, so we strongly recommend watching this interior door installation video as it is nearly the same with the exclusion of 2 steps.

Entry Door!

I received my order and went right out to the shed to get an old entry door that I have. The rough opening was already to get a door installed. I followed the instructions as I saw them in the video and twenty minutes later the door was hung plumb and trimmed. This is a great item.extra quick door brackets IY guy and previous attempt in hanging an occasional door would take me a couple of hours. Thanks for the product.

-George Massarone -DIY

1. Exterior Door Installation

Begin by removing all the packaging from around the door. Keep the door in the closed position. Some doors will have bracing that holds them square during the installation process, do not remove this bracing until door has been installed.exterior door align aid consider pre-drilling the door’s exterior brick molding so that you can add finishing screws to the molding after the door has been installed.

2. Attach To Door Frame

Attach 6 Quick Door Hanger brackets to the outside of the door jamb. Attach 1 bracket directly behind each of the 3 hinges. The brackets have a clearance hole in them, make sure when installing these 3 brackets that this clearance hole lines up directly behind the center screw in each of the hinges (you will be installing a long screw through the hinge and through this clearance hole in STEP 12). Place the other 3 brackets on the other side of the door across from the hinge side brackets. An additional packet of 6 brackets may also be needed if the door being installed is very tall, very wide, or has a sidelight. Place these additional 6 brackets; 3 along the top of the door jamb and the remaining brackets on each side of the door in addition to the first 3 brackets on each side.

exterior door installation entry door install sealing exterior door exterior bracket


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Yes, you can use exterior doors indoors

If you just swap the doors out, you will need to move or replace the existing stops to allow for the 1 3/4" thickness, and the jamb *may* need reinforcement and additional hinges depending on how big/heavy the doors are and how substantial the existing frame is....but there is no reason you can't put an exterior door inside.
You *may* be able to have the existing doors retrofitted with dual glazed glass panels, but it's quite a bit of work and could end up costing nearly as much (or more) as new doors would...the old glass would have to be removed, the muntins routed out to get the extra depth needed (if it's even possible), new custom made extra-thin dual glaze panels would need to be made, and installed with new mouldings to correspond with the new glass thickness- fairly easy...

Replacing garage door with solid wall

I've got a wood frame building on a concrete foundation with a big garage door that's falling apart. I want to replace the garage door with a solid wall, i.e. studs on 16" centers, insulation and sheet rock on the interior, and tarpaper and siding on the exterior.
(I think that) I have it all figured out in my mind how to do it, but I have a question: how should I fix the "sole plate" to the concrete foundation? I've never had to attach anything to cured concrete before.
Thanks for any pointers.

Replace whole frame before

The rot spreads to the framing. You should be able to cut the sheetrock back, and expose the nails, shims behind the frame after removing the trim. Cut the nails holding the jam to the framing. Separate slightly the exterior trim from the jam with a heavy putty knife, then cut the nails, or staples loose connecting the jam, and trim. Take the jam out through the inside. If the exterior trim is bad, remove it also, being very careful to cut the stucco loose from the trim with a razor knife, before removing. If not place new jam up against old exterior trim. You will most likely need to by a jam, and threshold that comes in pieces, so you will be able to cut the jam, and threshold to same dimensions your original door jam had

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