Removing and Replacing a Threshold

Step 1: Remove your existing threshold from door

Step 1

Begin by removing your existing threshold from your door. You'll want to first cut the old threshold with a back saw. Then you can dislodge it with a pry bar. Once it is removed, clean the area thoroughly.

Step 2

Carefully measure the opening for the new threshold, and cut to fit. Next, lay a bead of caulk along what will be the back edge of the threshold. Now position it as you want it, making certain the angle is sloping slightly away from your home so water does not build up near your new threshold.

Step 2: Carefully measure before opening the new threshold and cut to fitStep 3

Insert the screws in the holes indicated along the length of the threshold. Finally, test the fit. If it is too tight, you can plane down the door or lower the threshold.

Removing a Threshold

Thresholds cover floorboard edges that end at a door and serve as a transition element to other flooring materials such as carpet, vinyl and ceramic tile. Most thresholds are wood, although you also can buy plastic, solid-surface versions similar to solid-surface countertops. No matter what the material is, thresholds serve a decorative as well as a functional purpose in smoothing the way from room to room. Here's how to replace one.

If the door stops are undercut but the jambs are not use a hammer and prybar to remove the nails from the threshold, and hammer it out from under the stops. If the doorjambs were undercut to accommodate the threshold, saw it into two pieces, and remove each piece separately.

Step 3

Before installing a new wood threshold, undercut the doorstops, if necessary, then measure carefully and cut the threshold to length. Step 3: Insert the screws in the holes indicated along the length of the threshold Step 1: Use a hammer and prybar to remove the nail Step 2: If the doorjambs were undercut,  saw it into two pieces Step 3: Measure carefully and cut the threshold to length


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Paint question that would be simple if not for

OK, so I am painting some exterior doors at a client's house, that were originally painted with oil based enamel by a boat painter who did a spectacular job on them, probably 30 years ago...except for some minor cracks/chipping around the stopped-in panels, they only have some oxidation.
Prepped the bad stuff and was all ready to go with another coat of oil based enamel when- surprise- I find out that CA has ratfucked anyone who needs oil based paint...the client went to get some and came back with this Behr shit that is water thinned alkyd, and I do mean shit.
Went to a real paint store where we learned that the only reasonably priced thing available in oil based was high gloss because of VOC's, and even that was outrageously expensive

That's not white paint - it's primer.

Most exterior doors that appear white are actually just primed at the factory, ready for YOU to paint in whatever color you like. Look at it. Is it a 'flat' paint with no sheen, and just looks like a really crappy paint? Then it's primer.
It will last for a few years without paint, but eventually it will start to pick up greasy fingerprints, dirt, stains, etc. which will become embedded in the primer. You need a finish coat of paint to seal the primer and make it more stain-resistant and easier to clean.

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Generic Door Parts: Bottom / Sweep, Slide on, Bulb Type - Beige color
Home Improvement (Generic)
How to Install a Door Threshold
How to Install a Door Threshold
Installing a Door Threshold
Installing a Door Threshold

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  • Avatar charlesanne50 What do you call an enclosure that is built around the side door of your home to protect you from the elements?
    Jul 16, 2009 by charlesanne50 | Posted in Other - Home & Garden

    I have a side door to my home that always get snow drifts, you get wet when it rains, and the wind blows so strong you can hardly get the door open. What do you call the structure that is built around the door?

    • Welll this is called a mud room and the door has a thing called a door jam