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wreath-03-example-shot.psd.jpgFront Door Wreaths
A beautiful floral wreath displayed on our front doors is a warm and wonderful way to greet our guests and our own families as they approach and enter our homes.

The custom of displaying a wreath at the entry of our home is as old as human history, and no other aspect of home décor comes close to the benefits, low cost and beauty of a floral wreath to welcome our valued guests.

How many kinds of wreaths are there?
There are four main types of wreaths that are used on doors: ·

1. Silk Wreaths (Door Wreaths)

Ex. The Windsor Silk Door Wreath

-Grapevine base with silk greenery and silk flowers

-Silk wreaths may be displayed in any environment and provide maximum longevity

2. Natural Dried Flower Wreaths

Ex: The Windy & Warm Wreath

wfwind2www-xxwindsor-wreath-22-in.jpg -Made Of Dried Flowers

-Best for indoor and protected doors.

3. Preserved Dried Flower Wreaths

Ex: The Mulberry Lane Eucalyptus Wreath

-Made of perserved flowers like eucalyptus or salal

-Best for low humidity environments, away from the sun

-Best for indoor door use to prevent bleeding of colors

4. Fresh Wreaths

-Fresh boxwoood, balsam, and juniper are often used

-Great for the cooler weather seasons

How long will a wreath last on my door?
Generally expect a wreath to last for a season. A season is loosely defined as several months before most people will be ready for a change. A wreath displayed in a sheltered location will last longer than one in an exposed area. Silk wreaths usually hold up longer than those made of natural materials.

Can I hang any wreath on my exterior door?
Deciding which wreath, or which type of wreath to display on an exterior door is important because not all wreaths should be used on all doors, or in all locations.

Keep in mind that all types of wreaths do best in indoor locations, away from direct light, heat and moisture. That said, it is important to display your wreath where you will enjoy it the most, so try to select a wreath that is best suited for the location you plan to display it.

Which wreaths are best for a sheltered location?
A door in a sheltered location is protected by a porch roof and is located on the north or east side of a home. Most wreaths can be displayed on a door in a sheltered location provided it is protected from wind, sun, rain and high humidity.

Which wreaths are best for more exposed locations?

  • ·Most Wreaths made from artificial or silk materials are generally suited for locations that are not protected from sun, wind, rain or humidity.
  • ·Wreaths made from natural materials such as grasses and grains or seashells generally do well in those locations not protected from the weather elements.
wr-euc-15-mulberry-24-in-b.jpg wftradcwwd-traditions-christmas-wreath-22-in-1.jpg wfgrepdwnd-great-plains-wreath-double-set.jpg


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Have you checked your attic insulation?

Have you taken the 5 minutes to look up there, with a ruler, and measure the depth of the attic insulation. The attic is the most important place to ensure that insulation is at maximum.
Also, you need to look under your exterior doors. Actually put your head on the floor and look under the door. You will probably be able to see right outside. That gap needs to be sealed. The part that fits on the bottom of the door is the door sweep. The part that attaches to the floor is the threshold. The gap needs to be measured very accurately, then buy the parts that have that thickness, and the correct width for the doorway.

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Luxury Front Door Wreaths
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Beautiful Front Door Wreaths
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