Sliding Patio Doors: 365 Days of Comfort, Security, and Energy Savings...Year after Year

Imagine you and your new sliding glass patio door: On a cold winter day, you're snuggled up warm and cozy inside your home watching snow clouds rolls by. Through heavy spring rains, your house stays dry and leak free. In the summer, you watch the kids play outside while you enjoy the cool comfort of your home. Those chilly fall winds stay outside where they belong.

And all through the year, you've saved money on energy bills and slept like a log. How did you do it? With Andersen sliding patio doors from Mr. Rogers Windows.

No One Makes Better Sliding Glass Doors Than Andersen

Andersen sliding glass doors are designed to last. Built with solid cores and attractive, weatherproof, low-maintenance exteriors, your patio door will look as good as new-for life. Full weatherstripping protects the edges and center of the door, while the Reachout Locking System pulls the door shut tight every time. You keep drafts and leaks out of your home and keep your comfort in. And double paned, argon-filled, Low-E4 glass saves you money on electric bills. Compared to standard exterior sliding patio doors, Andersen doors are 56% more energy efficient in the summer and 45% more in the winter.

You can always open and close your door easily because Andersen builds sliding patio doors with steel tracks, rollers, and self-adjusting levelers. Your patio door will glide open and closed smoothly and easily, year after year. The steel track and rollers resist rust and dents, so your patio door never gets stuck or hangs up.

Andersen sliding glass patio doors give your more security than standard patio doors, too. Auxiliary Foot Locks act as a deadbolt for your patio door, so you and your family can sleep soundly all year long. Tempered safety glass comes standard, and is four times stronger than regular glass. And because you chose Mr. Rogers Windows, if you ever have a problem with your door, he'll fix it for free.

Permashield® Exterior Patio Doors

You want futuristic energy-saving technology, a sleek, modern look, and old-fashioned quality and performance. Permashield patio doors are the answer. Seamless Permashield technology means there are no cracks for water to enter and rot the solid wood frame...


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Andersen or Marvin Integrity French doors ?

I am pricing exterior outswing French doors. I will be removing existing windows, reframing and installing new headers. Both brands are painted wood inside, Andersen is vinyl outside, Marvin Integrity is fiberglass outside. Doors will face west and there is no awning or overhang, so fairly exposed.
My initial quotes are around $2.5k per set (60" wide x 80" high, pretty much the same for Andersen and Marvin Integrity. Any reason to choose one over the other ?
Are there any discount sources for these doors in the Bay area ?

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Andersen Andersen Spindle, 3-3/4 Long, Frenchwood Hinged Door - 2579830
Home Improvement (Andersen)
  • Andersen 3-3/4 Patio Door Handle Spindle
  • Andersen Door Style: Frenchwood Hinged inswing and outswing doors
  • Spindle Diameter: 5/16 inch
  • Spindle Length: 3-3/4 inch
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Renewal by Andersen French Doors in …

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