New mid century doors available from Therma-Tru

mid century front doorBig news: A mass-market door manufacturer has finally introduced a line of mid century style doors. Yes, Therma-Tru has introduced The new “Pulse” line of doors — available in oak grained fiberglass, smooth (paintable) fiberglass, and steel — come in four styles: the Ari, Echo, Linea and Solei. The doors are made in Indiana, Therma-Tru told us.

Introduced in late March (2013), these mid century doors from Therma-Tru are available in several sizes, two finishes of fiberglass(wood look or paintable) or in steel and have quite a few glass options. Up until now — we knew of only two sources for mid century doors — the salvage yard/ReStore or As many readers are likely aware, Crestview Doors has been the only active manufacturer in this segment for the past five+ years.

mid century retro doorA few differences between Therma-Tru’s and Crestview’s mid century doors:

A few differences between the two lines, as far as we can determine:

  • Therma-Tru does not have have as many “door lite” style options as Crestview.
  • Crestview’s doors are made of wood, Therma-Tru’s are fiberglass or steel…
  • Crestview offers a flush window trim option (+$450), which has more “finesse”…
  • And, while we are still trying to get a retailer to give us pricing (see pricing section, below), we are guessing that the mass-marketed Therma Tru doors will be available at a lower price point.Mid century front door ordered a Linea with decorative glass and it was $530. It included the frame. She said that with plain glass it would have been about $100 less. We jumped over to Crestview and the comparable price for their similar Nokona door (prehung with reeded glass, delivered) is $769 (Update: There was a significant price increase during the summer of 2013. The Nokona door is now priced at $2, 542).

Following is the news release from Therma-Tru on this new product launch:

Therma-Tru Launches Pulse™ Line of Entry Doors

Therma-Tru, the nation’s leading manufacturer and most preferred brand of entry doors, has introduced the bold and inspired new line of Pulse™ modern-style doors.


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Case in point: security doors.

I was shopping for security doors a few years ago for my back door. At first I was starting to buy into the local locksmith's recommendation of a really strong door (it's a great security store, BTW). But spending upwards of $300 on a REALLY strong door is stupid when a thief can break any number of our windows with virtually no effort and get in.
So I bought the $60 door at OSH and am perfectly happy.
It's the old "weakest link" rule again!

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