Where You Live

Where your home is built, how it’s positioned on the lot, and the directions your windows and doors face are all matters to consider when building or remodeling. To help you choose the right windows and doors for where you live, consider the following tips.

Window Placement

The placement of windows and glass doors on certain walls can determine the kind of natural light that enters your home, and even the temperature inside your home.

For instance:

  • South-facing windows are well suited for comforting solar heat in the winter.
  • North-facing windows do not typically bring in direct sunlight or solar heat but rather cooler, muted light.
  • East- and west-facing windows tend to receive more sunshine in the summer than in the winter, potentially bringing uncomfortable solar heat gain.
  • In general, all south- and west-facing windows are more susceptible to solar heat gain, depending on shading conditions such as trees, adjacent buildings, overhanging rooflines or awnings.

As noted above, all windows are subjected to solar heat gain and loss depending on direction, reflective surfaces or shading options. Always consider energy efficient factors when determining the placement and style of windows in your home. Energy efficient windows and doors will help your home stay comfortable year-round.

Read more: Learn about energy efficiency and the different types of ratings and terms.

Read more: Find the best product for your region by looking for the ENERGY STAR® label.

Door Placement

Both the climate and the direction your doors face play a key role in determining the lasting beauty of products. Proper protection for doors is crucial.

Source: www.jeld-wen.com

Interline Brands Legend 809119 Wave Style Lever Handle Entry Front Door Knob Leverset Lockset, US613 Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
Home Improvement (Interline Brands)
  • Includes 2-3/8-Inch-2-3/4-Inch adjustable backset latch
  • Random keyed
  • Handle reverses to fit right or left handed doors
  • KW1 keyway
  • Fits 1-3/8-Inch-1-3/4-Inch doors

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Jeld-wen door / Home Depot.

The glass patio doors are a prime entry

Point for break ins when you have one partially open for the dog door panel. You should cut a wood dowel to drop into the sliding track to stop anyone from pushing the patio door open on you. Good safety issue.
I'm not sure what CBS is either. Are you talking about a metal door installed on front, or a hollow construction door (some older homes don't have solid wood ones).

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Interline Brands Legend 809127 Wave Style Lever Front Door Knob Entry Leverset Lockset and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combination Set, US15 Satin Nickel Finish
Home Improvement (Interline Brands)
  • Includes 2-3/8-Inch-2-3/4-Inch adjustable backset latch
  • Keyed Alike
  • Handle reverses to fit right or left handed doors
  • KW1 keyway
  • Fits 1-3/8-Inch-1-3/4-Inch doors
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