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CraftsmanWe have the entry system to fit any home style and budget. From our handcrafted Luxury Fiberglass doors to our standard steel door units we can supply the perfect entry door to enhance the beauty of your home.

JELD-WEN, long known for their superior steel door offering has developed a new line of fiberglass doors that raises the bar for design and performance. The Luxury Fiberglass door offering delivers the beauty of real wood with the low-maintenance durability of fiberglass. Raised moulding, carved features and a true woodgrain appearance come in one door collection with five exquisite designs. This offering is available only through Western Building Products dealers. You can find your nearest dealer by checking our dealer locator.

Featured is a unit from our Architectural Craftsman line of doors. These mahogany grained fiberglass doors hold true to the simple lines that make Craftsman architecture so appealing. With glass offerings that enhance the Craftsman flavor of these units you will be amazed at the beauty of this door unit.

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Patio doors are

Not a common size for entry doors at all. Patio doors, yes, entry doors, no.
And Pella makes entry door *systems*, they don't sell just the entry door by itself for homeowners to modify- AND they have integral bottom weatherseals that would be screwed up by cutting the bottom 2" off.
But yeah, the OP *could* buy an entire Pella entry system for a couple of grand, throw the jamb in the trash, cut off the bottom 2" and slap a Combo door bottom on there and void his warranty...good advice.

Um acutally VW calls it the central door locking

System and yes they are all controlled by relays. If you actually new what you spoke of you would understand. And relays are used to unlock and lock doors, have you ever installed key less entry systems into a vehicle how many relays do you need two for only driver door unlock and three for driver and pansenger lock and lock. And also another for trunk lid operation. Now if a relay fails or gets power at the wrong time then it completes the circuit and will activate. So please in the future JeepHack keep your mouth and hands on the cock and away from the computer or my ear.

Nope, not if the door is unlocked.

What was broken in order to gain entry?
Did the kids in question 'steal' anything from the school? Or just uses systems for purposes that the school should rightfully prohibit?
Again, entirely preventable with the use of a sufficiently strong password.
For instance. Instead of '50trexler'.

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