Art NoveauIn the architecture and design industry, home hardware is often referred to as “house jewelry, ” and there’s good reason: Just as the right jewelry can be used to enhance an outfit you wear, the hardware you select for your house can provide that extra finishing touch that sets your home apart and provides it with a unique custom look that’s all your own.

Home door hardware has gone through a renaissance in recent years. For many decades up until the 20th century, doorknobs and hinges ranged from plain and simple to magnificently ornate, giving a home’s designer and owner a lot of latitude when choosing a style. But for much of the 20th century, a lot of door and cabinet hardware was pretty plain; while different finishes were available, for most homes – and especially for those built during the housing boom that followed World War II – the styles themselves were fairly bland.

Entry Door HardwareFortunately, all that eventually changed, and now homeowners can enjoy a wide range of hardware that can set their homes apart and help define the style and design they’re aiming for.

Door Hardware to Suit Old Homes

Emtek hardware isn’t just for new homes; many of their styles are ideal for older homes that reflect a specific time period of design history.

Case in point: Emtek’s Art Nouveau designs feature fluid lines and period details that make them the ideal complement for homes built during the Victorian and Edwardian eras or those built to reflect those periods.

Their Arts and Crafts line is the perfect combination of form and function and works beautifully with craftsman-style homes including bungalows and Frank Lloyd Wright-style homes of the first half of the 19th century.


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DX, LX, EX are standard trims

DX is the best - fewest toys to go bad. However, many years the DX did not have the most economical engine. DX usually has no A/C, no cruise, the only prob with DX is no tachometer.
LX adds the very useful tach, plus power windows that start failing at 120k miles, cruise which is nice on occasion, A/C which is useful for defogging, but not too good at summer cooling, garish chrome around the windows and front grille. Same engine as DX.
EX adds VTEC engine, with typ 15-20 more HP, and if driven gently, a few more MPG, also a somewhat troublesome remote door entry system and few other trinkets that become the things you put money into as the car ages

Door entry scheme will make residents feel safe  — Coleraine Times
“The door entry system provides additional security for our tenants and has already significantly reduced anti-social behaviour in the area,” he added. Residents have said they are already noticing the difference.

Cop response under fire after 'Rambo knife' find  — South London Press
.. “We have a longstanding relationship with the residents of Perronet House and have over the years responded to all concerns about antisocial behaviour and boosted security to the block by installing 16 CCTV cameras and a secured door entry system.”.

Emtek Emtek 8467US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze Keyed Entry Modern Style Brass Modern Single Cylinder Deadbolt
Home Improvement (Emtek)
Emtek Emtek Regency Style Full Entry Set
Single Detail Page Misc (Emtek)
  • Made of Solid Forged Brass
  • Available in 6 Designer Finishes
  • Many Custom Options Available
FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc. FPL Key Cylinder with Schlage Keyway for Sliding Doors and Entry Doors
Home Improvement (FPL Door Locks and Hardware Inc.)
  • Used with most sliding door handle sets and many entry trim sets (American cylinder type)
  • Easily fits most sliding door locksets and many entry trim sets (American cylinder type)
  • Rekeyable solid brass cylinder with 5 pin cylinder core and hardened steel break-away tailpiece
  • Schlage keyway
  • One key cylinder with 3 keys per package
Emtek Emtek 8468US15A Pewter Modern Rectangular Rectangular Style Brass Modern Single Cylinder Deadbolt
Home Improvement (Emtek)

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