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Door Access Control Systems

Installing a door access control system in NJ comes in a few different forms. Door access control systems can range from one door to multiple doors in many locations. At T&R we give the option to make changes to the door access control system over time. For example, we always make sure to design a system that can be expanded in the future because when one person, or one company, gets control of one door, they almost always come back to us wanting to control more doors in the future.

In addition to controlling doors, we can also control the follow door-related parts:

  • slide gates
  • barrier arms
  • overhead doors
  • roll down doors
  • turnstiles
  • tire shredders
  • sally ports
  • man doors cut into fences

At T&R we also work closely with several different industries. This benefits you, the customer, in the following ways: we are able to supply you with the excavating, concrete work, fencing, gates and paving, all within one company.Door Access Control Systems NJ - Image e technologies we have implemented include, but are not limited to:

  • proximity readers
  • RFID readers
  • bar code readers
  • remote controls
  • biometrics
  • key pads
  • scramble pads
  • telephone entry

There are many benefits to installing a door access control system in NJ. You will no longer need to change locks or purchase new keys if they are lost. Instead, if an electronic access card or fob goes missing, you can just de-activate the system instead. Another positive aspect is that you never have to worry again about accidentally leaving a door unlocked. With a door access control system, the the doors automatically lock when they close.Door Access Control Systems NJ - Image CTA 1 ntry to your building is recorded and can be reviewed at a later date. This is especially useful for landlords when they are investigating a criminal incident. Another added security feature is that electronic keys are difficult to make copies of. A regular key can be easily duplicated but electronic keys are much more complicated and this makes your property much safer.

At T&R, we are trained and have access to a wide variety of security products such as:

  • AMAG
  • Bioscrypt
  • Honeywell
  • Bosch
  • Northern Computer
  • Continental
  • SDC
  • Locknetics
  • Securitron
  • HID
  • Secura Key
  • Ilco
  • Mircom
  • Door King
  • Alvarado
  • Boonedam Tomsed
  • AWID


RCI Electric Door Strike Remote Unlock Mechanism for Security Alarms, Keypad Entry, & Audio Video Door Phone Intercom Systems (12V DC)
Photography (RCI)
  • Unlock your door from anywhere in your home or business
  • Works with any door strike compatible keypad, alarm system, or intercom system with a 12V DC output
  • Compatible with wooden, metal, or glass doors
  • Click noise lets visitors know when the door is unlocked
  • Fail-locked design ensures your safety by staying locked even if power is lost.

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DX, LX, EX are standard trims

DX is the best - fewest toys to go bad. However, many years the DX did not have the most economical engine. DX usually has no A/C, no cruise, the only prob with DX is no tachometer.
LX adds the very useful tach, plus power windows that start failing at 120k miles, cruise which is nice on occasion, A/C which is useful for defogging, but not too good at summer cooling, garish chrome around the windows and front grille. Same engine as DX.
EX adds VTEC engine, with typ 15-20 more HP, and if driven gently, a few more MPG, also a somewhat troublesome remote door entry system and few other trinkets that become the things you put money into as the car ages

Door entry scheme will make residents feel safe  — Coleraine Times
“The door entry system provides additional security for our tenants and has already significantly reduced anti-social behaviour in the area,” he added. Residents have said they are already noticing the difference.

Cop response under fire after 'Rambo knife' find  — South London Press
.. “We have a longstanding relationship with the residents of Perronet House and have over the years responded to all concerns about antisocial behaviour and boosted security to the block by installing 16 CCTV cameras and a secured door entry system.”.

OEM Car Remote Central Lock Locking Keyless Entry System with Remote Controllers
Car Audio or Theater (OEM)
  • Remotely lock and unlock your car.
  • Remote car location.
  • Remotely release the boot/trunk.
  • Learning code remote controls.
  • Electric lock and air lock.

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