Crawl Space Door Installation and Repair in Dallas-Fort Worth

Crawl space ventOvertime, many crawl space access doors and wells become run down, degraded, leaky and unsafe. When closed, these doors do not make a tight seal, allowing rainwater, outdoor litter, and leaves to gain entry into the crawl space and letting mold and mildew grow. For Dallas – Fort Worth homeowners dealing with moisture and mold problems in crawl spaces, we offer a complete crawl space encapsulation solution that includes crawl space vapor barrier, crawlspace dehumidifier, crawl space vent covers and crawl space door installation and repair.

Crawl Space Entry Door and Well System

For above grade crawl spaces, the EverLast Crawl Space Door may be an option. It is sturdy and long lasting as well as watertight and airtight, keeping the crawl space dry and moisture free.

Dalworth Restoration also uses the Turtl, which is a combination of a crawl space door and access well in one convenient airtight and watertight solution to common crawlspace problems.This attractive crawl space door is intended to allow for a safe, easy access into the crawl space. It is made out of durable, inflexible plastic that will not rust or rot and will last for many years. However, in addition to crawl space door installation, we also offer crawl space door repairs.


IAQ Turtl Deluxe Crawlspace Access System - Brown
Kitchen (IAQ)

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Is this a crawl space?

I assume it's a crawl space since there is no access what so ever.
what kind of room is above?you might be able to take up a section of the floor and create a trap door.
if you are going to deepen it & make a real basement out of it, you'd best get a contractor to excavate & install an entry such as a bulkhead from outside. then the contractor can remove the soil, deepen the foundations and pour a floor.

Removing cement properly

Hi guys,
i want to cement my side yard (about 4 to 5 ft wide).
here's the deal...
1954 raised foundation house. entry to the crawl space is built in to the side of my house. it's cement. there's also a cement step built in to the side of my house (at the foundation as well) where an old side door used to be. my side yard is grass besides that cement that i want to remove. i know i'll have to jack hammer it to remove it, but i don't want to damage my stucco and the rest of the cement foundation.
i'm thinking that i should cut the cement close to the house that way the jackhammering won't shake the foundation

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Crawl Space Door Systems, Inc. - …
Crawl Space Door Systems, Inc. - …
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