The Steel Door: Ideal for Every Entrance

honeycomb They’re usually found in commercial buildings or industrial sites, but even a family home can enjoy the benefits of durable steel doors. These modern entrances offer many advantages over traditional wood models, and their applications range from exterior security to interior design.

Versatile Strength

Doors made from steel lend themselves to a wide range of installations. Industrial applications range from high-tech security entrances to fire-proof buffers between different building areas. However, the silver sheen of steel adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any property, and the retro look of revolving steel and glass doors never goes out of style.

Dependable Performance

Steel units boast a level of job performance that remains unmatched by other materials. Their resistance to fire, forced entry and disastrous weather makes them a smart investment, and their affordability keeps these doors high on the list of construction and remodeling projects. Very few entry options offer the same durability and good looks.

Smart Advantages

Wood doors eventually need refinishing, and they tend to warp and rot over time. A steel entryway easily maximizes its initial cost by lasting an average of 30 years with minimum maintenance. Custom finishes can mimic the warmth of wood for residential doors while the home enjoys all the advantages of steel.

It’s easy to appreciate the benefits and beauty of low maintenance steel for everything from doorways and garages to building entries and loading docks. Affordability and versatility make steel an outstanding residential and commercial door choice with home and business owners. Click here for the best steel door company.


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If it's what I think of as a "bi-level"...

Without a pic, it's probably fairly nondescript architecturally (not meaning to be derisive, but it's just the nature of the beast).
First, understand, just like anything else, it all depends on what you're willing to spend. An entry with sidelites can range from a few hundred to a few thousand.
Second, the entry door tends to be (oddly) one of the most overlooked elements in moderately priced homes.
Third, remember: It's the first and last thing you--and especially your guests--see (up close) and feel when they visit. It's the first impression.
That said, I would go for something contemporary and interesting, but not too overly designed

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  • Avatar weirdpuffyninja Samsung refrigerator?
    Apr 13, 2009 by weirdpuffyninja | Posted in Other - Food & Drink

    I want a samsung refrigerator that has a twin cooling system and has double doors and a freezer/compartment at the bottom. It looks like this:
    Also, the bottom is a freezer and the top part of it is a refrigerator. You can also switch it so that the top can be a freezer and the bottom can be a refrigerator.

    • What's the question? I used to sell those when I worked at Best Buy. The Samsung models were 4 doors though.