Automatic Swinging, Sliding, and Revolving Doors from Michigan Commercial Door

Revolving DoorsMCD partners with the leading manufacturers of automatic swinging, sliding, and revolving doors to provide the fastest service in SE Michigan and competitive prices for your automatic entrance needs. We also offer automatic door repair when things go wrong. Whether you need to replace your automatic sensors or you have a broken automatic opener, MCD can help.

We specialize in automatic doors and controls for retail, healthcare, schools and many other facilities which require automatic entrances. Our expert sales and service team can help you keep your facility ADA compliant and accessible for the users of your building. We offer a preventive maintenance program for door automation systems, including regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs for these high-cycle doors.

Michigan Commercial Door group can service, repair and install all of your automatic door needs in Southeastern Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, Southfield and Troy. Please call 800-826-3667 to speak with an account representative today.


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I recomend putting in an entrance door. automatic doors can be raised at any time by simply grabbing the bottom and forcing it up. it does take some strenght, my ol lady and her daughter did it once when they got locked out, they did it but my ol lady alone can't. Thieves can. for true safety put in a walk in door.

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  • Avatar weirdpuffyninja Samsung refrigerator?
    Apr 13, 2009 by weirdpuffyninja | Posted in Other - Food & Drink

    I want a samsung refrigerator that has a twin cooling system and has double doors and a freezer/compartment at the bottom. It looks like this:
    Also, the bottom is a freezer and the top part of it is a refrigerator. You can also switch it so that the top can be a freezer and the bottom can be a refrigerator.

    • What's the question? I used to sell those when I worked at Best Buy. The Samsung models were 4 doors though.