Our Disappearing Screen Maintains Your View

Legacy retractable disappearing screen remains out of sight until you need it, providing a better view of the outdoors from inside.

Custom Installed Solutions

Legacy by Phantom Screens is the only retractable door screen with an integrated Latch & Release handle making it easy to use, quiet to operate and secure from unintended openings. Legacy provides superior insect protection and enhanced natural ventilation for your home while maintaining your view and décor.

Legacy fits all door types including in-swing, out-swing, single, double and patio slider doors. Our wide range of color and finish choices allow Legacy to blend seamlessly with your doorways. Improve indoor air quality, enhance home functionality and reduce cooling costs - call your local distributor for an in-home consultation today!

Two Phantom Legacy retractable disappearing screen doors, mounted on a double doorway.Features & Benefits

Legacy retractable door screens remain out of sight until you need them, providing better control and smooth operation. Click on the image below to learn more about the features and benefits of this retractable screen.


Style Width Height
Legacy Door Screen
(single unit)
Max 48″
Max 36″
78″ to 100″
100 1/8″ to 120″
Legacy Door Screen
(double unit)
Max 96″
Max 72″
78″ to 100″
100 1/8″ to 120″

Phantom Legacy retractable disappearing screen door, mounted on a sliding patio door.*Maximum sizes are determined by the height and width ratio

Double-French doors

Legacy retractable screens provide the most attractive insect solution for double-French doorways. Two screens are mounted to each side of the door frame; the dual screens meet in the center and are held in place with a hidden latch system in the slidebar and tracks. Perfect for both in-swing and out-swing applications, Legacy preserves the look of your doors and your view to the outside.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are the best option for allowing light into the room and creating unobstructed views. Legacy door screens blend with all types of patio doors without detracting from the building's design. The retractable screen is housed in subtle aluminum housing, maintaining clear views of the outdoors when the screen is not in use.

Single out-swing/
in-swing doors

Legacy door screens are perfect for both in-swing and out-swing doors. An excellent solution to keeping insects out while maintaining clear views, these disappearing door screens stay out of sight when not in use. Since the door screens are mounted either inside or outside of the door frame, the door's operation is not hampered.

Oversized doors

Since your outdoor space is an extension of your home, retractable screens provide the best option to create a seamless flow from the interior to exterior living spaces. Fixed screens disrupt the flow and appearance of the home. Whether it's an oversized single door or a double doorway, the solution can be found in our retractable disappearing door screens that come in a variety of sizes and colors to match any décor.

Source: www.phantomscreens.com

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    I want a samsung refrigerator that has a twin cooling system and has double doors and a freezer/compartment at the bottom. It looks like this: http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg27/redtiger945/refriger.jpg
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