Double Doors Styles

Double Doors Styles Pictures
Double Doors Styles Pictures

You are viewing . You can make it as an inspiration when you want to beautify your home. You can express yourself through this door styles. Have fun and show everyone how creative you are.
Double doors styles are very popular topic. Double doors are really popular and how to make them trendier for your home. That is why today we are going to talk about some best designs for your double doors styles.
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Where can I buy entry locksets for double doors?

I've got double doors for my entry. One side has a dummy handle and deadbolt cover thing. The other side has a handle and deadbolt.
I looked at Home Depot and Lowes, but was surprised to see that the ones for double doors are special order.
Who in the South Bay has these in stock? I've had bad special order experiences.

First the dead bolts. Home Depot /Lowes rekeys

Schlage and kwikset deadbolts for like $5-$10 per cylinder. Just remove the cylinder with the broken key. From the inside there should be two screws (you may need a hex key/ or hex head screwdriver /wrench instead of a regular screwdriver available at your local hardware store or even the 99 cent store.)Take the cylinder (both sides if a double/two sided lockset if you want new keys).Or tell them the key broke off and you want the same key :about the same/ little less labor.
The other non-functioning locks - can you lock/unlock the lockset when the door is open? and then can't when the door is closed or is it non-functional all the time? If its ok when the door is open and harder when closed, the doors have settled and the problem is not the locks but the door Jamb

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