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Master Forge Double Door Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Master Forge Smoker

Gas smokers afford you better control than you find in many charcoal smokers with more power than you get with electric smokers. The problem is that most gas smokers are not built well, leak smoke and heat quickly, and don't have the capacity that lets you do large racks of ribs (or even full racks some times). This Master Forge Smoker is no exception. The thin, powder coated metal box with the loose fitting doors make this a very inefficient smoker.


  • Multi-fuel smoker
  • Inexpensive tall box smoker


  • Leaks smoke and heat heavily through the doors
  • Thin, lightweight box construction


  • Single 15, 000 BTU cast iron burner
  • Four 200 square inch nickle plated cooking grates
  • Around 800 square inches of cooking space
  • Comes with a charcoal grate so the unit can be turned into a charcoal smoker
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Two door design with the bottom door for accessing the wood chip and water pans
  • Made by GHP Group in China

Guide Review - Master Forge Double Door Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Most gas smokers seem to have evolved from the kind of outdoor gas burner people use to do crab boils or fry turkeys. Cut a hole in the bottom of a metal box and place it on the burner and suddenly you have something that passes for a smoker. The question is, can these be GOOD smokers? The answer is, sometimes. A good gas smoker is low in power, well insulated and all the doors seal closed to hold in the heat and smoke. To do all this, money has to be invested. The problem, and the reason that gas smokers have gotten a bad reputation is that most of them are made with thin metal and doors that wobble closed and leak horribly. One of these is the Master Forge Double Door Smoker (oddly with the words "Liquid Propane Gas" added to the name as if that actually makes sense).

The 15, 000 BTU burner is powerful enough to get this smoker up to temperature despite the fact that the doors won't fit tightly. It also has good smoke production, but when even the most ardent of fans of a product start out by telling you how to modify something to get it right, consumers should step away and look for something that was made correctly to begin with.

I do like the two doors, though that just makes the problem worse. With one door that lets you get to the food and one that lets you get to the wood chip and water pans you can hold in more heat than you would lose with one big door.

As an advertized "feature", this smoker has a folding side table that is large enough to hold a plate. In all honestly I don't find this any more than a gimmick and wish, once again, that in its place was a little thicker, stronger construction.


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Where can I buy entry locksets for double doors?

I've got double doors for my entry. One side has a dummy handle and deadbolt cover thing. The other side has a handle and deadbolt.
I looked at Home Depot and Lowes, but was surprised to see that the ones for double doors are special order.
Who in the South Bay has these in stock? I've had bad special order experiences.

First the dead bolts. Home Depot /Lowes rekeys

Schlage and kwikset deadbolts for like $5-$10 per cylinder. Just remove the cylinder with the broken key. From the inside there should be two screws (you may need a hex key/ or hex head screwdriver /wrench instead of a regular screwdriver available at your local hardware store or even the 99 cent store.)Take the cylinder (both sides if a double/two sided lockset if you want new keys).Or tell them the key broke off and you want the same key :about the same/ little less labor.
The other non-functioning locks - can you lock/unlock the lockset when the door is open? and then can't when the door is closed or is it non-functional all the time? If its ok when the door is open and harder when closed, the doors have settled and the problem is not the locks but the door Jamb

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