A family has recently purchased a refrigerator. They purchased the Door-in-Door™ LG refrigerator. And as expected, it pleased the whole entire family! What could be so special about a fridge?

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at what each family member had to say.

Finally, a space in the home that is loved by ALL members of the family! With the Easy Open button, opening the fridge has never been easier.

Everyone is satisfied, from the dad who enjoys an ice-cold beer, to the mom who loves fruit, even to the kids who are in a craze for soda and snacks.

Daddy’s Perfect Space

Cold air is lost each time the refrigerator door is opened. Reducing cold air loss is perfect for a dad worried about saving energy.

With a *46.5% reduction in cold air loss, less energy is used.

It gives Dad peace of mind to know that his family will be conserving more energy; his family opens the refrigerator door 4 times more than the average family.

* Side by Side 46.5%, Top mount 41%, French Door 47.3%. Based on Intertek testing according to internal test method measuring percentage reduction in exchange rate of air when opening Door-in-Door™compared to fridge door for 10 seconds. Results may vary by models and duration of door opening.

Dad is pleased to know that he owns the world’s first and only double-layered door design.

It must be a great feeling to know that his hard-earned money was spent one of the top refrigerators.

And it must have been this world-class design that persuaded Dad to choose this fridge in the first place!

Mommy’s Perfect Space

The Smart organization features are perfect for a mom who is always trying to organize items in all sorts of sizes. Organizing sauces and beverages are of course a piece of cake, but even large pies and watermelons are not a problem. And being able to create spaces once large items are removed are even more of a reason for Mom to be pleased!

If Dad is pleased with saving energy with the reduction of cold air loss, then Mom is even more pleased to know that her food will remain fresh, longer.

With the smart Door-in-Door™ feature, Mom can store her food longer & fresher by reducing change of temperature by half.

With just a simple change of the refrigerator, the kitchen appears much more stylish and now, being in the kitchen is no longer dreadful.

It must be from the fact that world-renowned designer Karim Rashid put his modern design into this fridge.

And design recognition helps contribute to a feeling of great achievement: The GR-M2377ASW earning the Reddot Design Award, the R-U913VBRD winning the 2012 KAID Pin Up Design Award, and lastly, the LSFD2591ST and LFX31945STA being finalists for the IDEA Design Excellence Award.

The Kids Perfect Space

The Easy Open button is popular with all members of the family. But the Easy Open button makes most sense when thinking of our children. It’s reassuring to know that a young child, with limited strength, can open the refrigerator door with a simple push of a button.


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We recently bought an LG double-door refrigerator (can't remember the model number, but it's not super fancy - about $1800). It worked fine until a couple of weeks ago when it began to stink. We thought it might be rotting food, so cleaned it out. Lo, the stink remains. Any thoughts on what might be wrong or what to do? (I've called the company - they said "remove the food." Right. Very helpful).
Except for the front (obviously) it's completely surrounded by cabinets. The installation manual didn't say anything about this, but I am concerned that perhaps it's supposed to vent?

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