Slide or Swing?

sliding patio doorFebruary 5th, 2014

If you’re looking to find patio doors for your home, you will most likely come to the crossroads of door options. In one direction are sliding patio doors; in another, French doors.

If this fork in the road has left you a bit lost, let us help you find your way. Here’s a closer look at the two doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors often look like floor-to-ceiling picture windows. They feature two panels that include large panes of glass. When these doors are opened, one panel slides on a track and rests parallel to the fixed panel.


garden doorSince sliding patio doors often come with screens, it’s easy to slide the door open on a beautiful day and enjoy the refreshing flow of fresh air into your home. Those screens will keep bugs and other pests from invading your home as well.


Entertaining a lot of guests? Open your sliding patio doors and let your guests flow seamlessly from the inside of your home to your patio, and vice versa. This arrangement also allows you to entertain more guests.


It’s notoriously difficult for intruders to get into your home through modern sliding patio doors. On top of foot and handle locks that NT Window offers in their sliding patio doors, there are also features that keep burglars from removing the glass panes or moving the entire door off of the track.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding patio doors are extremely energy efficient. Since these doors slide along a track, they block most thermal energy that attempts to transfer between the inside and outside of your home. Dual pane glass with gas fills and low-emissivity coatings keep thermal energy and solar heat from transferring through the doors themselves as well.

French Doors

French doors — also known as hinged patio doors or garden doors — are patio doors that swing inward or outward to open — much like the doors in your home. Unlike most interior doors, these doors tend to have a large pane of glass in the middle allowing for views of the outdoors from the inside of your home and vice versa.


French doors provide additional color and stain options that aren’t available on sliding doors. Our NT garden doors are available with interior wood grain options that you won’t find in our sliding patio doors.

Opening Area

If you get double French doors and open them up, you’ll have plenty of space for fresh air to flow in and out of your doorway. These doors swing open, allowing more open space for airflow.


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Have you tried putting the double sided tape on

The sill? I know it's not a great solution since it means you can't close the window pane, but it may deter him enough keep him from trying to get out that way. The other thing I do is only open up my window a little bit so the only thing they can press against the screen is their faces. You can also try putting tall things on the sill...I've found that works great for one of the windows in my apartment. I've got little knick-knacks up there and my boys have only tried to get on the sill once--and since something fell and made a loud, scary noise when that happened, they haven't tried to do it again


What is hilarious is that all I really said was to ask the manufacturer how they determine handing/swing. So basically you are saying that it is "wrong" to double check before ordering.
Some manufacturers determine handing while standing on one side of the door in all cases, and others simply go by what side the hinges are on when the door swings towards you.
Oh, and what you COMPLETELY overlooked is that not all doors swing, but sliding doors are handed TOO and so is their hardware, so your pontification about "Left or Right hand is the same regardless of the manufacturer or type of door" is 100% WRONG, dumbass

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