Garage Door Buying Guide

Garage Door ImageA garage door is a big investment, adding style and interest to your home. The style, color and condition of the door has a big impact on your home's overall appearance and curb appeal. When shopping for a garage door, consider how you use it. If it's also a workshop, utility room or play area, then you'll need a door with good insulating properties. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best garage door for your home.

Garage Door Sizes

The first thing you must do when selecting a garage door is to determine what size door you need. Garage doors are available to fit virtually any opening. Just measure your opening, and take the measurements to your local Lowe's to get the door you need.

Garage Door Flush PanelGarage Door Styles

Since garage doors make up a large portion of your home's exterior, the style you choose should complement the rest of your home's exterior. Windows and window panels are one way to add style and your own personal touch to a garage door. Double-paned windows allow natural light in but keep extreme seasonal temperatures out.

Another way is panel design. There are four main panel designs to choose from:

  • Flush panels are flat, slightly textured panels that can be used to complement the surrounding wall area without drawing too much attention to the door itself.
  • Long-raised panels give depth and distinction to the door, while adding to the home's overall appearance.
Garage Door Long Raised Panel
  • Short-raised panels also lend depth to the door. They are excellent additions to Victorian-style homes with intricately detailed trim, the symmetrical facades of colonial-style homes or the strong architectural lines of a Tudor home.
  • Painted panels add more pizzazz to plain, raised panels when the sloped portion of the panel is painted in a contrasting color.

Garage Door Construction

Most garage doors are either wood or steel. Wood garage doors offer a wide variety of options. You can find anything from standard, raised-panel designs to doors that mimic the ornate styles commonly used on the carriage houses of the 18th and 19th centuries. Wood doors are also available in several species, either paint or stain grade.

Steel garage doors are usually more economical than wood doors and are the most common type of garage door. Most manufacturers offer several colors out of the box. You can also paint the door to match your home. There are three distinct types of steel doors to choose from:

Garage Door Short Raised PanelSingle Layer Garage Doors

Single-layer doors are stamped from a single sheet of galvanized steel. These are usually the most economical of all steel doors.

Double Layer Garage Doors

Double-layer steel doors have a galvanized steel skin on the outside with a thick layer of either polystyrene or polyurethane as a backer. The backer provides soundproofing and additional insulating value to the door.

Triple Layer Garage Doors

Triple-layer doors are constructed of the same materials as double-layer doors with the addition of a galvanized skin on the inside to protect the polystyrene / polyurethane from damage. The additional layer of steel makes triple-layer doors the strongest, most secure and most soundproof of all garage doors. These are also available with thicker insulation for greater R-value (a measure of thermal resistance).

Garage Door Painted Panel Single Layer Garage Doors Double Layer Garage Doors Triple Layer Garage Doors


Chamberlain Chamberlain CLDM1 Clicker Garage Door Monitor
Home Improvement (Chamberlain)
  • Garage door monitor with sensor
  • Indicates whether garage door is open or closed
  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to the garage and prevents theft
  • Fast installation--no tools required
  • 8 by 8.5 by 3.5 inches

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Garage door panel replacement

I need to remove the bottom two panels of my garage doors in order to fix the damage caused by my kid backing up the car into it.
It's a double door, insulated vinyl. I disconnected the opener, but in order for me to remove the bottom park, I need to disengage the cable. Can I safely do it once the door is all the way up (lifted manually) or is it necessary to release the tension bar? Not being a pro or having a proper bar adjusting tools is this something I can do myself?

Garage door not closing? Easy fix!!
Garage door not closing? Easy fix!!
Garage Solutions Double Car 7' x 16' Garage Door Screen by Garage Solutions
Home Improvement (Garage Solutions)
  • Double Car Garage Door Screen
  • Opens in the Center for Easy Access
  • Keeps the bugs, insects and other pests out. (doesn t work for neighbors)
  • Lets fresh air in!
  • Installs quickly and easily!
M-D Building Products M-D Building Products 50101 20-Feet Double Door Garage Door Threshold Kit
Home Improvement (M-D Building Products)
  • Prevents drafts, dirt, insects and rain from entering under garage door
  • Durable vinyl seal
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Helps to save energy
MAXSA Innovations 37357 Park Right Car Door and Bumper Guards
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Maxsa)
  • Helps protect your car and your garage
  • 1.4 inches of padded protection
  • Reflective strips increase visibility
  • Installs vertically for bumper protection or horizontally for door protection
  • Includes 2 guards and double stick tape

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  • Avatar lizmokin I removed my sliding closet doors while decorating the nursery...?
    Mar 01, 2010 by lizmokin | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Upon taking out the rail it slid on at the bottom noticed the carpet stopped between the "room" edge and the closet interior leaving about a 3 inch gap that the railing previously covered that is just wood. The < …et it fit. what would be the best way to remedy this? I'm thinking I have to get a new railing and just reinstall it along the bottom, it would look weird but I can't have a 3" by like 5' gap along the floor. any ideas?

    • Rip a length of 1/2" hardwood (Available at Menard's) to 3" and lay it in place of the open carpet. It will be low enough to not force the dresser to sit with a back-pitch to it, but tall enough to help you avo …/>
      If you have a router, you could route an 1/8" round over on both sides to make it blend in with the carpet top a little better.

      Stain or paint the wood to match the other trim in the room.