Modification of pre-hung double French door with mini blinds

Sketch for Carol BurchMy client Carol Burch asked me to replace her patio sliding doors with French doors.

She wanted the left door to be totally stationary as a sidelight and the right hand door to fold against the stationary sidelight.

I suggested her metal doors with mini blinds. The mini blinds are between two panes of safety glasses. The mini blind will never need to be cleaned.

Carol Burch French DoorsI made a sketch for her and she approved it.

The rough opening for patio sliding doors is 80 inches high.

To built a double French door unit the opening height should be 82 inches

Standard steel doors are 79 inches high, and the overall height including the threshold and jamb is 81 and 5/8 inches. That is too high for the existing opening.

Carol Burch report on Shapira BuildersI needed to find doors that are 77 inches tall.

Home Depot sells double pre-hung French door unit with mini blinds as a replacement for patio sliding doors.

Those units have both doors hinged and both doors made to open.

Those doors are 77 inches tall. Just what I needed.

I bought the pre-hung unit from Home Depot and brought to my shop.

I took the doors off the jamb, modified the jamb to fit the design my client wanted.

I simply switched between the left and right doors.

I removed the patio doors and installed the French doors unit to her satisfactory.

My client Carol Burch gave Shapira Builders a good review on Angie’s List


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Stairs from a door

OK, so here is my current dilema. I recently put in double french doors leading from my bedroom to the back yard. Now I need to build stairs to get from the door to the ground and vice-versa.
Height, 21"
Width 6' (I'll build the stairs 8' for plants on either side of the door.)
This gives me 7 stringers at 16" OC or 5 stringers at 24" OC. I am looking at either 2X6 redwood or 5/4x6 composite decking and I will cut the stringers from 2X12 PT.
Now, I have 2 questions:
1) Which is better, 16 or 24 OC depending on which decking I use? Are there reasons to go with one or the other or is this just preference? What would the code books say?
2) What do I put under the stringser? I've been told to just put the stringers on the dirt, but isn't that just asking...

Another idea

I looked at an open home years ago. Most of the house was pretty nice and you could tell it was an older single woman who lived there. Then you walked into her bedroom and it was like a whole different person lived in there! Ok, so it was a huge bedroom and she had this very high bed right in the middle of the room (looking out the double french doors onto a vineyard!) The bed had this great frame that she had painted white then went over it with a number of different colors. She did it in such a way that each color sort of flowed into the next. Sort of hard to explain but it really looked cool


So is mine and I have five Dobermans who don't have much issue filling the couches :)
Maybe since you want it bigger, you take the 6k and build an add-on to your house! That way you can have the added space for the dogs and increase the value of the home and it will be as climate controlled as your home because it is part of your home. I have a large add-on porch (the house is not large anyway as I don't need much room) that the ac/heat was ducted to and it was closed in so there could be area for futons and other important dog paraphernalia. Double French doors were put in going from the front room so when the doors are open, the front room almost doubles in size and there is plenty of space for the critters

Phoebe vs the bird world

About ten minutes ago I went out the back door and heard a bird flutter off. He must have been sitting above the door on a small ledge. They are double french doors leading onto a deck.
When I came back in after scamming a coke from the outdoor fridge, Phoebe the cat was in desperate pursuit of a bird. The little sparrow had not fluttered away. He'd gone in the house.
Now, Phoebe spends a good portion of her day on the window sill eyeing the birds landing on our bird feeders so she was pretty adamant on catching this guy. She leapt dramatically from the bar and snagged him mid-air, and pulled him down

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