New Endura "Door Mount" Flap Doors

Endura Flap Door Mount Dog Door, One of the Best Flap Pet Doors Made!

Featuring the award-winning "Endura" pet door flap, one of the highest performance pet door flaps ever made. It's manufactured in the USA and it's so well made, it’s guaranteed for 15 years!


  1. New! Extreme Performance ‘Endura’ flap, one of the best, most highly engineered pet door flaps ever made.
  2. New! ‘High Aspect Ratio’ design makes it much easier to fit your pet. Improves security for medium to large sized pets. Easier to share with a smaller pet.
  3. Beefy aluminum framing with completely hidden hardware.
  4. New! ‘Green’ flap material that’s safe for the environment.
  5. Self-Framing for all doors - 1/2” - 1-3/4 “ single flap version and 1-3/4” to 2-1/4” double flap version.
  6. Sturdy Locking Cover locks pets in or out. Easy to use clip lock is better than the old spring-loaded pin locks.
  7. Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA.

Note: Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Adult cats have been successful using the Small size, however a few have found the Medium difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large, Xlarge, or any of the double flap versions for cats.

New Endura
Size Dimensions No. Flaps Price Model #
Rough Cut Outside Frame Flap Size
Small 8-3/8" x 15" 9-7/16" x 15-3/4" 6" x 11" $ 159.00
6" x 10" $ 249.00
Medium 10-1/2" x 19" 11-1/2" x 20" 8" x 15" $ 179.00
8" x 14" $ 289.00
Large 12-1/2" x 23" 13-9/16" x 23-5/8" 10" x 19" $ 219.00
10" x 18" $ 349.00
Xlarge 14-5/8" x 27-1/8" 15-5/8" x 28" 12" x 23" $ 284.00
12" x 22" $ 464.00


Radio Systems PetSafe 1-Piece Classic Replacement Flap, Large, 4-0113-11
Pet Products (Radio Systems)
  • 1-piece replacement flap for pet door
  • Made of soft, smoked vinyl
  • Fits PetSafe Classic Pet Door and Deluxe Patio Panel Door
  • Offers maximum energy efficiency
  • 10.3 x 15.6 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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We have a double-door system -

One from the house to the garage, then one at the back of her garage condo to the back yard.
It works extremely well because it's not a direct shot outside. However, our neighbors have theirs in the kitchen. They have the double flap model and it's not a problem even in the dead of winter. Around here you need that model.
One of our dogs uses the dog doors all day long and the other one doesn't.

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  • Sturdy lead-free, non-toxic, chewproof all-steel construction
  • Easy 1-touch release handle
  • Quick, easy setup
  • Includes 2 extensions to expand gate to 44 inches
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    Upon taking out the rail it slid on at the bottom noticed the carpet stopped between the "room" edge and the closet interior leaving about a 3 inch gap that the railing previously covered that is just wood. The < …et it fit. what would be the best way to remedy this? I'm thinking I have to get a new railing and just reinstall it along the bottom, it would look weird but I can't have a 3" by like 5' gap along the floor. any ideas?

    • Rip a length of 1/2" hardwood (Available at Menard's) to 3" and lay it in place of the open carpet. It will be low enough to not force the dresser to sit with a back-pitch to it, but tall enough to help you avo …/>
      If you have a router, you could route an 1/8" round over on both sides to make it blend in with the carpet top a little better.

      Stain or paint the wood to match the other trim in the room.