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The Wild Feathers

Nashville's The Wild Feathers are made up of the four unique vocal and guitar stylings of Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly and Ben Dumas on drums. Combined they offer a fresh take on southern rock and are starting to take the helm as headliner instead of opening act. I previously saw them when they opened for ZZ Ward at the House of Blues and was impressed. Their music draws from a variety of influences including country, blues, folk and hard rock but with a old school southern vintage spin.

This band stands out from others in its genre because there are actually four strong vocal leads. g the vocal leads on various songs, sometimes each contributing solo bars on one song. Ricky Young occasionally will step out in front of his mic and lean over into the audience at a touchable distance further engaging fans. The end result is seamless and this is unusual. Having four lead vocals and having this be successful is not an easy task. It is hard to avoid having different vocal leads competing with one another. Usually the end result is a lack of cohesiveness to the band's sound and often seems disjointed. Not the case with The Wild Feathers. They sound like one animal. our headed monster" and this is an accurate description.

Combining the folk, rock and softer sounds of these bandmates along with perfect harmonies, the end result is truly flawless. They each have mad guitar skills too. It is necessary to mention the skills that Preston Wemberly brings to the table with his pedal steel guitar. Although he appeared to be the least sweat drenched member of the Wild Feathers, he arguably played the most difficult instrument. edal steel guitar requires coordination with foot pedals and a bar to move the chords and add vibrato and shading to the sound. Kudos to Preston and the added richness this instrument brings to the bands sound. The Wild Feathers played with full throttle excitement and verve throughout the set. I was exhausted (yet energized) just watching them.

Taylor Burns, featured in the video I took from The Double Door, plays electric guitar and has a deep and bluesy sound to his vocals. This song represents the "hard rock" personality of this band.


The Rolling Stones Live in Chicago at the Double Door 1997 DVD
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Root Mechanical Drone (Live Double Door, Chicago, Il)
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    Mar 01, 2010 by lizmokin | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    Upon taking out the rail it slid on at the bottom noticed the carpet stopped between the "room" edge and the closet interior leaving about a 3 inch gap that the railing previously covered that is just wood. The < …et it fit. what would be the best way to remedy this? I'm thinking I have to get a new railing and just reinstall it along the bottom, it would look weird but I can't have a 3" by like 5' gap along the floor. any ideas?

    • Rip a length of 1/2" hardwood (Available at Menard's) to 3" and lay it in place of the open carpet. It will be low enough to not force the dresser to sit with a back-pitch to it, but tall enough to help you avo …/>
      If you have a router, you could route an 1/8" round over on both sides to make it blend in with the carpet top a little better.

      Stain or paint the wood to match the other trim in the room.