Doors, Doors, Double Doors

We have both 6-panel and 3-panel doors at The Glade.I chose 6-panel doors for “regular doorways”. Our contractor ordered 2 new six-panel doors: one for the basement and one for the master bedroom. They were delivered already in their frame with the ranch style trim already applied.

Then I said in my email: ”If you’re talking about the pantry and mudroom closet I like something that goes with the Shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Ours are Homestead by Shiloh inset doors.” (see 2nd attached photo)

I emailed the contractor this picture of our cabinet door style and asked him to get something like it for the double closet doors on the mudroom closet and the pantry.

Then I finished with: “I trust your good taste will prevail.”

Yes, I’m a trusting and gutsy girl. You must realize our actual kitchen cabinets have not yet been delivered and they will not be brown. I just wanted our contractor to see the style so the closets would look more like cabinets and less like traditional closets.

This is what was delivered. (Remember neither he nor I like bi-fold nor sliding doors on a closet.)

The closet doors are perfect. I love them.

We’re still waiting for the pantry doors but I think he made a great choice and I have confidence that his “good taste will prevail.”

A new 6-panel door. The mudroom closet is needs doors and trim. We will need to decide on a paint color for these doors. The pantry will get double doors similar to thee mudroom closet.


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Small and awkward

It's small, only 10X12, and awkward because there are three doorways to it.
It was pretty painful to cook in initially, but I have just completed a minor upgrade. The new appliances I bought:
Conserve Vestfrost fridge, at a very tall, slim and svelte 24X24X78.
Gave away my Sears range with the WIMPY burners and got a new Maytag Gemini instead (has two ovens and hottest burner is 16,000 BTUs).
Cut away a disasterous cabinet and installed a new Bosche dishwasher. Quiteness was my main concern.
Got rid of the pathetically shollow (4") double sink with low faucet (how is that for a recipe for a dysfunctional dishwashing area?) and replaced with a stainless 10" deep Moen, with a fun Franke Papillion faucet (though in retrospect, I wish the faucet were even more...

Ameriwood Ameriwood Double Pantry, White
Home (Ameriwood)
  • From Ameriwood, double pantry for extra storage in kitchen, utility room, garage, office, or another room
  • Constructed in particle board with white finish; with 4 storage shelves
  • White handles provided to pull double doors open; simultaneous door opening
  • Ready to assemble upon delivery; matching buffet, microwave unit, and other pantry cabinets available
  • Assembled, measures 23-2/3 inches wide by 12-1/2 inches deep by 59-3/4 inches high; 1-year limited manufacturer s warranty
Fix a Warped Cabinet Door
Fix a Warped Cabinet Door
Shelf Genie Double Door Pantry …
Shelf Genie Double Door Pantry …
Prepac Prepac Elite Collection 32-Inch Storage Cabinet
Home (Prepac)
  • From Prepac s Elite Storage collection, 2-door cabinet for extra storage in utility room, garage, office, kitchen, or bedroom
  • Constructed in laminate composite wood with white melamine doors; with 2 adjustable and 1 fixed shelf
  • With all-metal 6-way hinges and all-metal handles on doors; soft-edged corners on doors for safety
  • Ready to assemble upon delivery; matching topper unit for expanded storage
  • Assembled, measures 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 65 inches high; 5-year limited warranty
Catskill Craftsmen Catskill Craftsmen Black Double Door Cabinet
Home (Catskill Craftsmen)
  • Overall dimensions assembled: 28-1/2-inch wide by 12-1/2-inch wide by 36-inch high
  • Interior cabinet dimensions: 26-3/4-inch wide by 9-1/2-inch deep by 29-inch high
  • Rugged construction
  • Child safe hinge
  • Slot under seat prevents pinched fingers

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