My Curio Cabinet Bought With Green Stamps

Curio Cabinet Phot by Suzzycue This Curio Cabinet was passed onto Marylou( my friend) from her husband's (Lacy's) older brother Dick Nunn. Dick was the eldest of fifteen brothers' and sisters' including a pair of twin girls. Marylou told me Dick saved greenstamps from grocery stores and pasted them into books to buy this cabinet. I remember doing that as a kid collecting green stamps from Loblaws. Do you remember that? I always admired the odd shape of it and the newspaper, wallpaper that was used to highlight the inside of, the top of the cabinets, backwall.

The cabinet itslef and the two doors on the front are all solid wood and stained pine to look like maple wood. There is one shelf inside the closed front doors to store things. I have a collection on blue glass around my home that I also display here in this cabinet.

This Curio Cabinet was given to me thirteen years ago and sits in the front hallway. It is the first thing, I see upon entering my apartment and is a welcoming sight to come home to.


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We have a double door in the front entry, and are looking to replace the knob/lock. Both doors currently have the same knobs, one is functional but the other is a dummy. We have to replace both, otherwise they won't match. Any idea where I can find knob/lock sets for entry double doors? I didn't see any at Home Depot. Or do I have to just buy two real sets? Seems like a waste to throw away the locking mechanism on one just to use the face plate & knob.

Are these two seperate doors

Or one double door? patching the jams is probably least desirable way to repair the damage. If you want a first rate job pull the whole jamb and put in a newm one since your doing the brick mold. In terms of time a prehung unit is a fast install cause you dont have to cut hinges or drill for knobs. if the door is a little beat i would go that route. as far as installing a double door and jambs go they can be very time consuming. Sometimes the threshold is a diferent length than the top jamb plate. and has to be refabricated yes belive it its frustrating,. single doors are much easier. As for rates if its a friend they always want a deal if not free

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