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There are several different features that are essential to consider when selecting a narcotic cabinet. While most cabinets are fairly similar in design and style, there are some very subtle variations that may make one type of narcotic cabinet a better option for a specific type of health care facility or long term residential care setting. Size, doors and extra features are all factors that may influence your choice of the many styles on the market.

First and foremost the narcotic cabinet has to be durable, secure and safe. Many narcotic cabinets are constructed out of stainless steel and then painted to allow them to blend into the room, rather than to be highly visible. pts to force open the cabinet. Keeping the narcotic cabinet low key avoids drawing unwanted attention to the cabinet and its contents, even though they are typically positioned in patient restricted areas.

Double locking narcotic cabinets require two sets of keys to be used to get into the narcotic cabinet. This is a great safety feature in the event that a set of keys is stolen or lost, there is no concern about patients or others being able to access the narcotics on hand. Double lock cabinets typically come in smaller 12 by 7.5 by 7 inches through to much larger 18 plus inch cabinets. For truly high security narcotics cabinet a double door double lock option is available as well.

Smaller narcotic cabinet designs typically don't allow for adjustable shelves and many of the smaller 12 inch designs do not have an interior shelf at all. Larger sized cabinets such as the 18 inch cabinets may have three, four or five adjustable shelves, perfect for larger facilities where there may be a greater need for patient medication storage. Some of the larger 30 by 30 by 10 inch cabinets may have both fixed and adjustable shelves, ideal for storing various sizes of bottles and supplies.

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