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We offer many types of sliding door hardware, rolling door track and closet track systems such as bypass door track, bi-fold track systems, closet door track, heavy-duty door track systems, soft-close track sets, pocket door track, glass door track, barn door track, barn door hardware, barn door flat track, stainless steel door track, stainless hangers and more. We carry door track systems by leading manufacturers such as Knape and Vogt, Stanley Hardware, Richards-Wilcox, Hafele, ABP Beyerle, and Johnson Hardware.


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Tree stump removal questions

Whats the easiest and quickest way to remove a few tree stumps? they aren't very large, about 8-10 inches in diameter.
Also...anyone knoe where I can get sliding closet door hardware? the little indented metal handles? Home Depot only carries ugly gold and I need bronze to match the rest of my fittings.

Closet door question

I need to replace sliding closet doors. They are cheap hollow Wood Panel closet doors that just roll in a track at the top of the door. I went to home depot and found out I need to stain them and affix the hardware.
I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere I can buy these already stained, maybe with the handles on them. It seems nobody has closet doors for sale.
I need to do try to have them in by Sunday, and I would rather not have to do it tomorrow with the scorching heat and all.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Bi-Fold closet door installation questions

I currently have sliding doors for one of the closets in my home. I would like to install bi-fold doors so I can have full access to the closet. The problem I have is, when tearing down the sliding doors, I will have a bare spot on the floor where the bottom track used to lay.
Every bi-fold setup I've seen only has a top rack, with hinges on the bottom. Does anyone know of bi-fold door hardware that uses a bottom rack?
I have carpet in the room and in the closet and don't want the appearance of a strip of bare floor after removing the sliding doors. Thanks for any help!

My answers.

Bookcase - they may be hard to find in minn, but i use earthquake things mounted to studs in the wall.
stereo wires - i just sort of block them the best i can behind a desk/table/chair, etc. nothing special.
toilets - get a top of door latch to keep the bathroom off limits. do not get a toilet lock, i found it to be a waste. i would recommend these latches for any room or closet you want to keep off limits, especially an office that you don't want to spend the time babyproofing.
top of stair gate - kidco, hardware mounted.
other dangers - windows, i have the little things from the hardward store so that the windows on the second floor don't open more than a few inches

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