Sliding Bypass Closet Doors

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Bypass Closet Doors

Bypass closet doors slide one in front of the other when opening. Each door slides along a track. Bypass doors are space-efficient when opened, allowing easy access to the closet space behind each door. A closet usually has at least two sliding doors, while larger-width closets have four or more doors.

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Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors fold in on themselves while attached to a track at the top of the door opening. The main advantage of the bifold closet door is they allow simultaneous access to all spaces in the closet. However, the door opening mechanism is more complicated, and the folding doors do protrude out into the room while opened.

Swinging Closet Doors

Closet swinging doors are interior doors used for closet door openings. Swinging doors allow simultaneous access to the closet space, and unlike bypass and bifold doors, can allow racks, hooks, and pockets to be attached to the door. The main drawback is that they swing outward, requiring clear space in the room in order to open.


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Closet doors

Just do a bypass door(s) which is what a sliding closet door is called. two slabs and the kit that includes the track they hang from and the brackets and such. 2- 24 inch slab doors would work fine. they overlap so exact fit is not important, but they must be at least a few inches more than your opening not exact and not less!

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