Closets with sliding barn-style doors

Picture of Pick Locations For Your New Closet(s)

Step 1: Pick Locations For Your New Closet(s)

In our case the 2 corners were the best place to put the closets. At first we were going to put them in the 2 corners on each side of the window in hopes to create a bench area between the closets and under the window. Be sure to identify all outlets and light switches before building, in order to avoid relocating light switches we had to abort the window plan.Picture of Build Your Frame and Hang Drywall plaints here...

Step 2: Build Your Frame and Hang Drywall

Build the frames for your closets. I always like to take a picture of just the frame so I have an idea where the studs are. It also helps to mark some of the studs on the floor or existing walls because once you put up the drywall it all becomes a mystery.

Step 3: Dress Up the Inside of the Closet(s)

In this case "hers" is well more organized then "his." We took a trip to IKEA to buy some organizers and had to rig up some modifications to make everything fit in what's obviously a non-IKEA closet. Go all out with this and plan for everything you have.


Hand Made By East Oak Lane Rustic Sliding European Wood Steel Closet Barn Door Hardware
Home Improvement (Hand Made By East Oak Lane)
  • (1) 72 Track - 2 Diameter (5ft - 8ft track available on request)
  • 2) Rollers - 5 1/2 Diameter 1 1/2 Depth
  • (4) Wall Spacer
  • (2) Door Stops
  • (1) Floor Guide To be used with opening sizes 28 to 36

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Replacing old appliances

I've been renting an apartment for over 6 years now. it's in a mid 70s building.
All major appliances and fixtures, like bath tub, vanity, kitchen cabinets, kitchen fan, closet sliding doors have been there since day one. They are worn down, cracked, chipped, ugly things.
when i moved in only floor carpet and refrigerator were new.
i take a decent care about this apartment, steam clean carpets, wash windows and blinds, paint walls. but there is only so much you can do about an old stuff.
i want to ask a landlord to replace them. obviously he is not gonna be enthusiastic about it

I just purchased a whole house roof mount

Heat and ac unit 1,700 square feet for 1,100 dollars, new unit you can buy a window ac for about 300. painting including paint 2 bedrooms ,bath,kitchen,livingroom,1,400 sounds reasonable pending square footage 900 sq' no, 1,200 sq' plus yes, bedroom sliding door closet sounds to high more around 300 tops, bath tub doorare you talking about replacing or installing which includes sides top and bottom 330 sounds reasonable, there are also different kinds of doors so what are they really buying.

How much is your time worth ?

I'll start off by admitting I have ~20 years hard-core DIY experience, including installing/replacing windows, doors, sliding glass doors, skylights, siding, roofing, plumbing, electrical, blah blah blah. Trim carpenting, including lots of crown molding.
Good friend with reasonable DIY skills wanted to install ~6 inch tall oak ornate crown molding, and asked for my help (and borrow some tools, of course). We spent most of a full day together, trimming out a small bathroom alcove (~3 feet square), so he could get the hang of coping, etc. I left him with the tools, and went back to my own "honey-do" list for the week off from work

Rockler European Style Sliding Door Hardware Kit
Home Improvement (Rockler)
  • Features silent operation and a virtually concealed profile.
  • Upper guide has adjustable lug-lockable at 5mm and 8mm depths.
  • Lower roller guide has vertically adjustable steel spindle
  • Weight rating of up to 44 pounds per door.
  • Instructions included.
Sliding Barn Doors
Sliding Barn Doors
Sliding barn door
Sliding barn door
Sliding Closet Door Hardware Reviews
Sliding Closet Door Hardware Reviews

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