Making a Chalkboard Wall out of Mirrored Closet Doors

DIY Chalk Board DoorsThe next installment in my homeschooling journey’s adventures in do-it-yourself fun is to re-task the mirrored closet doors in in our new schoolroom. There is a lot of light that filters into this room, which is a good bonus for us, but then it reflects all around off of a set of double closet door that are mirrored glass. There were multiple options, but after discussing things with my husband we ruled out buying different doors and did not want to just leave the doors off and put in something like a curtain. So after we discussed it we were able to come up with the idea to try to make them into a large white board or chalkboard for school use. I debated the pros and cons for each type of board and came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to make them into chalkboards, if my husband could.

My husband did some research and discovered that with the right tools and materials he could do it. Most of our DIY projects include the kids, but this one sadly would not need too much help past the planning and procurement phases of the project. Unlike my DIY Lectern (See post HERE) there was no color to choose except black board or green board. Elizabeth and I decided on a green chalk board to not darken up the room. Beck and my husband went outside and found that we had a left over paint roller kit from a previous project, some Frogtape for the edges, and some paint brushes too.

Making a Chalkboard Wall out of Mirrored Closet DoorsThe materials that I used for this project did cost a little of money to obtain. I did have some of the supplies listed above already, but the main cost was the steel wool, primer, and chalkboard paint itself. All-in-all I was able to obtain these three items for roughly $30 from my neighborhood True Value Hardware Store. While my husband and the kids were at the hardware store he also noticed that the extra steel wool can also be used to clean cooking pans, like SOS pads, but with the soap. My husband and I are still finding things that have other uses these days. It is also worth noting that the paint department employee at our local True Value offered to tint the primer for us. The reason he said is that with a darker primer you would get better coverage and then not have to use as much of the finishing paint as the color of the primer would help meet the color of the final paint.Making a Chalkboard Wall out of Mirrored Closet Doors dard paint, and is more costly because it is a chalkboard surface.

So, once my husband and the kids returned from the local True Value, here are the materials that we used for this project, besides the mirrored doors of course:

A list of these materials is as follows:

  • White Latex Primer (tinted grey to help use less chalk board paint)
  • Rust-Oleum Green Chalk Board Paint (latex paint)
  • Paint Roller
  • (2) Paint Roller Pads
  • 2” Chip Brush
  • 000 Gauge Steel Wool
  • 1” Frogtape (any painters tape will do, I just had some Frogtape left over)

Not pictured are:

  • The mirrored closest doors
  • Glass cleaner and rag
  • Wood paint paddle stirrer
  • Metal paint can key

As a note, the True Value was nice enough to give us paint stirrers and a paint lid key for free when we bought the paint and it appears to be company policy too.

Making a Chalkboard Wall out of Mirrored Closet Doors Making a Chalkboard Wall out of Mirrored Closet Doors DIY Organizing and Decorating Your Schoolroom Series


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