Turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom with PAX

Materials: PAX

Description: My girlfriend and I bought and moved into our first apartment, with a tight budget we couldn’t afford anything bigger then a studio apartment.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have their bed in their living room, so we started to brainstorm. We discussed ever type of foldaway bed and room divider. Then we found IKEA’s PAX sliding cupboard doors.

We bought the biggest we could find in light aluminum and frosted glass.

We measured the size of our Ikea beds and marked off the new room so it would fit our bed and some clothing space tightly in order to save as much space in the living room as possible.

I whipped up 2 wooden frames and mounted them to the ceiling, walls and floor. I then mounted the PAX doors and tidied up the frame.

I installed four IKEA LED (color changing) spots in the frame so it would light up the frosted glass.

We finished up our new bedroom with some LACK shelves and a little art work.

In the meantime we mounted 6 IKEA kitchen cupboards over the TV in the living room and integrated the TV and PC cables into the wall so we could tidily hide the Stereo and PC in the cupboards with no exposed wires. We then mounted the surround sound speakers underneath the cupboard.

This was my first ever renovation at the age of 22, by myself. So if you have a small apartment and a lot of tolerance it’s not that hard or expensive to turn your studio apartment into a 1 bedroom apartment.

~ thedesignguy


By popular demand, thedesignguy sent me more photos. Some work in progress pics and 2 more finished views. Hope they give you a bit more of an understanding of how it all came together. ~ Jules

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Suggestion for dramatic wall color for bedroom

I just moved into a 3 bedroom condo. It was new construction and all walls are painted navaho white (aka tan/sand).
I'd like to paint my bedroom a more dramatic color. The room is on the corner with windows on two walls. Between that, the white double closet doors and crown molding I think the room can hold a dramatic deep color.
My bedroom furniture currently is a light birch from Ikea. I was thinking maybe a dark rich red but the photos I've found online aren't that great.

Also go to stores like ikea

Or that sell tons of space-saving items. sometimes the stuff is expensive, but it will give you good storage ideas.
for me, key storage areas are:
-under the bed: big flat tupperware boxes that you can slide out (leave lids off if it's stuff you plan to access frequently),
-closet space: figure out ways to use every square inch by hanging extra rods, or putting up shelves, and/or by putting cheapo shelves on the floor.
-doors: hooks over closet/bedroom/bathroom doors for towels, robes, coats, jammies
-shelving: there are so many different kinds! for kitchen, office, living room, bathroom

SD Designs Designer Satin Nickel Over-Door Hook - 2 Side-by-Side Hooks - No Drilling or Glue
Home (SD Designs)
  • Get organized & save space with a door hook rack
  • Heavy-duty 5.5mm welded steel rod with satin nickel finish
  • Use for towels, coats, clothes, robes in bathroom, bedroom, closet
  • 2 large headed side-by-side hooks great for large or delicate items; 7 length x 4
  • Fits over doors to 1-3/8 thickness, no-tool installation; pre-drilled hole for permanent mounting

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  • Avatar broklee rob Sliding closet doors..... how much?
    Jan 11, 2009 by broklee rob | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to replace my current closet doors with 2 sliding mirror doors. The exact measurement of my closet is 75" x 95". Because of my lack of knowledge on these things, I am afraid of getting ripped off. So before I go talking to any salesmen, I would like to get an idea of how much this would cost. Any ideas? Any suggestions? (PS: I live in NYC).

    • As others have said, call Home Depot or Lowes, you've got 2 HD's in Manhattan & others in the surrounding boroughs. Lowes is less populated & none that I know of in Manhattan yet.

      Any installations …ng for their top installation contractor, you will have a better chance of not having any problems later.

      However, if you don't mind a floor track, it would be possible to use a bottom tracked door system.