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sliding closet doorsInterior doors of any style can be mounted as a sliding closet doors; all that it takes is the correct type of sliding door hardware!

However, there are a few options that you need to consider when it comes to the hardware:

How do you plan to use your Sliding Closet Doors? Before we look at any of the options you want to take a moment and really think about how you will be using your sliding doors. Are they for a closet or utility room, a free-standing wardrobe or will the doors be separating two living spaces? Will you be opening them every day or just once in a blue moon? When you do open the doors will you need them to slide far enough apart to remove a heat pump or just wide enough to grab a clean pair of socks? Will it only be you using these doors or will it be your kids or will the doors be used in a public space? Knowing how you will use your sliding doors will help you in deciding which type of sliding door hardware will best suit your needs.

sliding closet door hardware wheelsTilt In OR Top Latch? This is referring to how the doors get installed on to the track. Lighter weight sliding door hardware is designed so that you can just tilt the door at an angle and have the rollers catch on to the track. Unfortunately the opposite is also true meaning that all you (or your children or large pets) have to do is knock the door up and at an angle a bit to have the door come off the track. For this reason we do not even offer this kind of hardware. Instead we use commercial grade Johnson hardware that has a latch system (shown at left). The wheels have a post hanging straight down that slips in to a bracket on the top edge of the door. This bracket has a white latch that closes and secures the door to the wheels. This not only makes for a much safer design but it also makes it easy to remove the doors if you should ever need to pull something very large out from behind the doors.


T-Motorsports European Modern Satin Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Wood Door Closet Hardware Set
Home Improvement (T-Motorsports)
  • Modern Set of Barn Door Hardware For Sliding Wood Door
  • Condition: Brand New Material: High quality stainless steel Surface: Satin
  • Door weight capacity: 150lb For use with openings of 39 - 44
  • All other necessary hardware is included as you see in the pictures.
  • *ONLY the hardware is for sale. door is not included.

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Question about hardware for sliding closet doors

Okay everyone, thank you for the help with the first part of the job, that's ready to go!
Now, I DO NOT have rollers at the bottom but rather are square, plastic, and look like they adjust up and down.
I thought they should support some of the weight of the heavy doors but now I wonder if they are just a guide, since they easily slide up and down and there is no way to fasten them.
Does anyone have any idea of what the heck I do with these?
Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Closet door question

I need to replace sliding closet doors. They are cheap hollow Wood Panel closet doors that just roll in a track at the top of the door. I went to home depot and found out I need to stain them and affix the hardware.
I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere I can buy these already stained, maybe with the handles on them. It seems nobody has closet doors for sale.
I need to do try to have them in by Sunday, and I would rather not have to do it tomorrow with the scorching heat and all.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sliding Closet Door Lock (157848)‪
Sliding Closet Door Lock (157848)‪
How to Maintain Sliding Closet Doors
How to Maintain Sliding Closet Doors
Prime-Line Products Prime-Line Products N 7203 Sliding Closet Door Finger Pull, 2-Pack
Home Improvement (Prime-Line Products)
  • Steel construction
  • Satin nickel finish
  • Fits a 1-3/4 In. diameter hole
NW Artisan Hardware Top Mount Sliding Barn Door Hardware
Home (NW Artisan Hardware)
  • Sliding Barn Door Hardware by NW Artisan Hardware
  • Full Warranty and Guarantee on Products Quality
  • Will Match and Beat any Advertised Price
  • Each Set of Hardware is Custom Made of Steel, With the Entire Set Finished in the Same Color
  • Black, Raw Steel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze; Notify if you want a color other than black

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