Gone With the Closet Door

IMG_9988We have a walk in closet so I am definitely not complaining. We organized the space a while back and for the most part is has functioned really well for us. Except for one MAJOR design flaw. The door! Honestly, I would do away with many doors if I had a place to store them all. And for those of you who have stuck around this blog for a while, you may recall I ditched the doors in my son’s closet as well! You can read about it here.

The reason the door in my closet was killing me was because it opened in onto my side. It basically covered a good third of the closet when open. I finally convinced the hubby that it needed to go and in its place we could hang drapes.

IMG_9912……………………………..….peek into the closet

This was one of the best things we have done for this closet. I LOVE IT. No more scooting around the door or having it hit me you know where when someone else opened while I was inside. I chose drapes from Target that were the same on both sides. I want it to look just as nice inside the closet as out. I also chose a fabric that drapes really nicely without wrinkles and with little effort to close or open.

………………………………….. No More Door!

The little holders to keep the drapes open I scooped up at Hobby Lobby. It was my first time ever going in that store as one finally opened around here. Oh, my! Sensory overload and very excited to go back and take my time up and down those aisles.writing ngerous. But back to the drapes. We rarely close them and choose to have them open.

We also switched out the horrible builder grade, non-flattering light for a really cute chandelier. This little closet of ours actually feels more like a boutique now. I so wanted to show you the whole thing by my photography skills are sorely lacking when it comes to snapping such a small space. Advice, anyone? Do I need a wide angle lens? Here is another cute little number I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It sits on the dresser in the closet for either my watch or earrings.

Once again, I am thrilled that we decided to ditch another door in this house! Anyone else on a door ditching kick? Hope you’re all having a great week. We are still in school through next Thursday so very busy with end of the year activities! Looking so forward to summer.

IMG_9945 IMG_9947 IMG_9961

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It's really weird but

The closet without doors as shown magically makes that not count as a bedroom. Seriously. In the eyes of an appraiser (and apparently some legal definition), if you take the doors off the room becomes a "Den" rather than a bedroom and the value of your house goes down significantly.
I ran into this problem with another house I owned--took the doors off when I had a baby around so that the changing table could sit there--don't need all that space just for baby clothes. I chucked the doors intending to do better ones after it was no longer a babies room. Badda bing, it was suddenly a 2 bedroom house instead of 3 when we tried to do some re-fi stuff

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