Find Sliding Closet Doors in New York City

nyc sliding doorsRegardless of what kind of sliding door property owners have built in their houses, having one is certainly a plus among other homes. Interested to find out why? This is because of the level of efficiency that sliding closet doors in NYC homes can offer. Not only this they are considered to be eco-friendly, they too give access to daylight to enter. Also called a gliding door, this type of door can be set up in 2 ways: either the top hung gliding mechanism or the bottom rolling door gear. As their names mean, a top hung sliding door is set up at the top of the door working with two trolley hangers; while a bottom rolling door gear makes use of two rollers at the bottom part of the door. Extra force is required to move a sliding door if you go for a bottom rolling door gear because more weight is at the base.

The slab door kind is the most frequently used doors. Although standard slab doors are common, they take in a lot of space; extra space is needed for the door arc. And due to the point that a sliding door can be swung open side to side by gliding its panels, it won’t consume extra space in your own home.

On the other hand, French doors are recognized to be very pricey as it exudes elegance and style with two panels which fasten in the center; very far from fitting into your budget. There are a lot of designs you can select from, and it ranges around 00 to 00. With that, choosing sliding doors is ideal especially if you are looking for an affordable door, that comes in a splendid pattern. Setting up one will just need you to invest 0 to 0.

solid-wood-doorOne other door type is a Dutch door; a door which is divided sideways into two parts. Its disadvantage is that air leaks are likely because of its horizontal division, and if it is not correctly set up. When it comes to sliding doors, it can avoid outside air from getting into the house, which is proved to be energy-efficient as well.

Last but not the least, is the Bifold door type. It is made up of hinged doors which are designed to stack on the wall if you opened it wide. Just like the sliding door, it is a fantastic thermal insulator; however there is a significant gap in terms of the costs. Setting them up will require you to take precise measurements as all its boards are custom-made; thus, making the process difficult. On top of that, each panel is around $2, 500 depending on your preferred design. With just the cost of a single panel of bifold door; you can already buy more sliding doors than you may need.


V-Line Peg Board Door Panel for Closet Vault
Sports (V-Line)
  • Works with Closet Vault
  • Fits inside Door of closet vault-giving more storage options
  • Made in USA

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Love glass doors

There are some good looking frosted glass doors these days so I sort of like that idea if it works with the rest of the house.
The notion of using a closet that's so shallow doesn't sound very practical, as others have pointed out. I guess if the plumbing works and you don't mind very small units, it's okay.
What are your other options?

I need help finding closet doors

I am looking for 8' high bypass closet doors, which will cover an 8' closet opening. I like French door style, five-lite with frosted glass. Anyone have recommendations? I'm willing to have them made, but haven't found the right woodworker. I'm also willing to go with an out-of-the-box solution, but haven't found the right company.

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