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Closet Doors San Diego

Interior doors that are beautiful, safe, durable and function so smoothly you will be amazed. We design room dividers, wall slide doors, closet doors, loft and office partitions, swing doors and more. If you have a need for an interior door or dividing solution, we have it. Our doors come in a variety of colors, frame styles and glass options, customized for your space at an unbelievable value.


Established in 2005.

We didn't set out to start a trend. Our objective was to design beautiful, state-of-the-art interior doors. We've set a new standard and in the process we are changing the way people design and decorate their homes and offices.

Our first office opened in a small warehouse space in Van Nuys, CA - we thought our closet doors would be the next big thing, and we were right...only we didn't expect how much the company would evolve.


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I got 4 pairs of mirrored

Sliding closet doors at Habitat for Humanity, here in San Diego for $15 per door!! SWEET DEAL!! These were to go into my daughter's house. She already had floor to ceiling regular sliding closet doors, so I just used the tracks that were there. They worked GREAT! I did have to replace the rollers on 2 of the doors, but that was CHEAP, compared to the price of new mirrored doors!!
Habitat for Humanity RESTORE is over by Qualcomm Stadium. They had LOTS of mirrored doors the last time I was in there....about 2 weeks ago. They were all different sizes.

MLS 066077335

List Price: $399,900-$419,900
City: San Marcos
Cross Street: Via Vera Cruz
Map Code: 1128 /F 2
MLS #: 066077335
Original List Price: $449,900
Pictures: 9 available
Subdivision: Discovery Hills
Zip: 92078
Community: SAN MARCOS
Listed on: 9/7/2006 (60 days)
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1-866-764-1850 (toll free) or email us at Customer Service.
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Tatoo Rocks - Just Check This Article

Odds are, you've never heard of this little marketing firm in San Francisco, but among the folks at Martha Stewart, Giorgio Armani, and Mother Jones magazine, Tattoo has the buzz
Author: Nancy K. Austin
I wanted to understand how buzz works. That's the whole reason I set out to find a very small, very cool, ultra-low-profile marketing-services agency I'd heard was doing a thriving business somewhere in San Francisco. Virtually no details about the agency have been published, except its name: Tattoo. That tidbit came from Anita (the Body Shop) Roddick, who, I'd heard, really grooves on Tattoo's work

Renters: Get used to bending over

I lived at Canyon Ridge for 3 years. In that time the apartment above mine flooded...TWICE forcing me to move out and into a hotel with my cat for 5 days the first time and 3 the next. They did reimburse me the costs I was out and had the carpet and apartment cleaned the first time (only after I asked and promised not to mention to the other apartments damaged that they were doing that for me) and the carpet was replaced the second time.
However, both times when I returned to my apartment items were missing. There were several turn overs in management and the rent increases were insane! The rent was increased almost 100 bucks last year alone! That is ABSURD!
When I first moved in it was mostly professionals and some college students living there

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  • Avatar broklee rob Sliding closet doors..... how much?
    Jan 11, 2009 by broklee rob | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I want to replace my current closet doors with 2 sliding mirror doors. The exact measurement of my closet is 75" x 95". Because of my lack of knowledge on these things, I am afraid of getting ripped off. So before I go talking to any salesmen, I would like to get an idea of how much this would cost. Any ideas? Any suggestions? (PS: I live in NYC).

    • As others have said, call Home Depot or Lowes, you've got 2 HD's in Manhattan & others in the surrounding boroughs. Lowes is less populated & none that I know of in Manhattan yet.

      Any installations …ng for their top installation contractor, you will have a better chance of not having any problems later.

      However, if you don't mind a floor track, it would be possible to use a bottom tracked door system.